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Gen: (tries to talk to Casey before class) Casey! (as she walks away) I'm in good shape! I can keep up with you!
Casey: Go away!
Gen: Casey, I didn't know!
Casey: (storms off upset) Right!
Tina: (catches Gen bunking off skating to go to school) Where have you been? You are aware you had practice half an hour ago!
Gen: (turns around from her locker) Yes, I'm aware!
Tina: And?
Gen: And I'm done!
Tina: Done?! (walks toward Gen)
Gen: I'm quitting!
Tina: You've got to be kidding. That's ridiculous!
Gen: No; I was ridiculous for putting myself through this for so long! We both know I don't have the talent!
Tina: Gen, perseverance is nine-tenths of mastering any sport.
Gen: Do you know what I want? No, you don't know what I want! Because you never cared!
Tina: (to onlooking crowd) If you have any sense of self-preservation, you'll scatter. (to Gen) I'm listening!
Gen: I want to stop missing school! I like school! And you know what? It's stupid! And the band will probably be horrible, but you know what I want? I want to go to the homecoming dance! And I want to go with Brian! And I want to stop feeling like an idiot for flunking math because I don't have the time to learn it! And I want–!
Tina: (shouts) All right! (says softly) All right. I can see that maybe we've overdone it!
Gen: Overdone it? Just a little! Casey's skates, Mom?
Tina: We'll continue this discussion at home!
Gen: (slumps down the wall, crying. Then Casey offers her hand to help her up) You heard the whole thing?
Casey: Yeah! Are you okay?
Gen: (nods her head) It's your slot, Case! If I drop out you're right next! You're going to sectionals!
Casey: No. Thanks, but tomorrow's my Harvard interview! That's my slot! That's what I should be doing.
Gen: Are you sure about that?

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