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Ice Age: Continental Drift

Ice Age: Continental Drift quotes

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Captain Gutt

View Quote Ariscratle: Stop, brother! Rise above this base desire. Be more than a rodent.
View Quote Buck: [only lines of the film's beginning, riding Rudy] YEE-HAW!!!!
View Quote Gupta: [to Captain Gutt] Should I fly the white, Captain?
View Quote Milton: We just knew Sid would want to see his poor dear Granny before... her time is up.
View Quote Milton: [about Granny] And warn the community. She tends to wander!
View Quote Raz: G'day, Mate.
View Quote Silas: It's a huge bounty, Mon Capitaine. 4 passengers, ripe for the taking.
View Quote Squint: Hit the mammoth, win a prize.
View Quote Steffie: [after Peaches lands on Ethan] Gross. It's that weirdo who chills with possums!
View Quote "Female ape": Oh, Captain Gutt...
Gutt: [happily] That's me!
"Female ape": Let's rule the seas together.
Gutt: [last words before his death] Aye, aye... [The female ape revealed as a siren.] Huh? (What the…?)
[The siren grabs and eats Captain Gutt alive]
Ending Song: We Are Family[edit] Manny, Sid, Diego, Shira and Ellie: We are, we are not your ordinary fami-mily, but we can all agree that…
Peaches, Ethan and Stefie: ...We are, we are close as close can be
Granny: Not too close!
Peaches: We are-are-are-are-are
Ethan: We are
Peaches: We are-are-are-are-are
Stefie: We are
Peaches: We are-are-are-are-are
Ethan: We are
Peaches: We are
Ethan: Family!
Shira: So, it's don't matter when it looks like we look perfect to me!We got every kind of love.I feel so lucky indeed!
Ellie: They can keep on talking.It don't matter on me cause we are, we are
Ethan: Family
Stefie: Family!
Shira: We are, we are–
Granny: Ham and cheese!
Sid: No, it's "we are family"!
Granny: Nah!
Peaches: Okay, so the links in our chain makes us strain
Ellie: But really, they make us stronger
Peaches: And no one would replace not a thingMother
Manny: Or father!
Sid: Go, Manny!
Peaches: Cause we…
Stefie: Cause we come from everywhere
Shira: Whoa, whoa
Stefie: Searching for ones to care
Shira: Somehow we found it here!We found us a home!
Ellie: We are, we are not your ordinary fami-mily, but we can all agree that
Peaches: We are, we are
Ethan and Stefie: Close as close can be
Peaches: We are-are-are-are-are
Ethan: We are
Peaches: We are-are-are-are-are
Stefie: We are
Peaches: We are-are-are-are-are
Ethan: We are
Katie: We are, we are
Ellie: Family!
Shira: Family!
Ethan: Family!
Peaches: We are, we are
Granny: Ham and cheese! [laughs]
View Quote Capt. Gutt: [to Manny and his herd] Ahoy, down there! How lucky are you? You know these waters are infested with pirates. Right, boys?
Pirates: ARGH!
Gutt: Glad we found you before they did: Captain Gutt, here to help.
Granny: You know, that's a nice monkey!
[One of the rats pretend to be a monkey. But Gutt throws it off.]
Manny: Look. We don't want any trouble. We just need to get back to the continent.
Gutt: The continent? That pile of rubble?
[The pirates are in hysterical laughter]
Manny: My family's there... so if you could just--
Gutt: Oh. Your family? That is so sweet. I hope you said goodbye, 'cause there's no way back.
Flynn: Yes, there is. [Gutt sighs] Don't you remember, Captain? You can sail to Switchback Cove and catch a current back from there. Like a steel trap this noggin is.
Gutt: [laughs] Thank you, Mr. Flynn! [steps on Flynn's tail flipper]
Flynn: Ow!
Manny: See? I knew there was a way home.
Gutt: There is no home! There is only here. And here... your ship belongs to me. BATTLE STATIONS! Fly the colors! [Gupta climbs up the pole and flags Gutt's ship] Now surrender your ship or face my fury!
Sid: Or face your furry what?!
Gutt: Not "furry", "FURY"! [to his crew] FIRE!
View Quote Diego: I'll handle this. Sid, uh... your family was wiped out by an asteroid. Sorry!
Sid: What?!?
Manny: Ahem! What Diego is trying to say is... they left. They only wanted to find you so you could take care of Granny.
Sid: Oh, come on! What kinda sick family would ditch their own Granny on someone? That's just crazy. That's just... that's just... my family.
Diego: Well, at least you still have Granny. Right, Buddy?
Sid: Yeah, Granny. Granny? Granny!
[Granny's gone]
Ellie: Wow. For an old girl, she moves fast.
View Quote Ellie: Back off.
Shira: It's okay, I'm on your side.
[Squint throws starfishes at Ellie and Shira]
Squint: I knew you were a traitor.
Shira: Your little bunny nose wiggles in the cutest way when you're mad!
Squint: WHAT?! [Squint prepares one last attack] Your nine lives are over, kitty!
[Ellie stomps on Squint]
Ellie: Silly rabbit... piracy doesn't pay.
Squint: Hey, that's not cool. Come on, now.
View Quote Ethan: [after the gang escapes the collapsed tunnel] Yo, that was insane! Hey, Peach! Loosen up have some fun!
Peaches: [disgusted] Fun?! You call that fun? I'm outta here!
Steffie: Come on, do you really want to go back to hanging out with a weird molehog freak and give all of this up?
Ethan: I mean, it's bad enough that your family's half possum...
Peaches: Bad enough? There's nothing bad about being part of my family. I like hanging by my tail and if you geniuses are normal, the species is going to end up extinct!
Katie: Yeah? Well, your species is going to be extinct first!
Dumb Mammoth: Burn!
Ethan: We're the same species, genius.
Dumb Mammoth: What?! Double burn!
View Quote Gastornis bird chick: When you drink water through your trunk, does it taste like boogers?
Ellie: Uh, no. Well… sometimes. Now, let's move!