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View Quote Agatha Clegg: [Lily has asked to partner-up with Agatha in a wagon train] You know something ? I got a hunch you're gonna draw men like fish to bait. Maybe I can catch one of them while they swim by. You got yourself a partner.
View Quote Cpl. Peterson: Mrs. Rawlings, there ain't much glory in trompin' behind a plow.
View Quote Cleve Van Valen: From the first moment I saw you I've known that I couldn't live without you.
Lilith Prescott: Well... I'd hate to be the cause of your death, Mr. Van Valen.
View Quote Dora Hawkins: [after stabbing Linus Rawlings] Well, he see'd the varmint, Pa.
Col. Jeb Hawkins: Well done, daughter.
Dora Hawkins: I ain't so sure. It was hard muscle and I could feel the blade just kinda skitter along his ribs.
Col. Jeb Hawkins: Oh, you just need more practice, that's all. It's a pity you ain't got the knack your ma had, Lord rest her soul.
View Quote Linus Rawlings: Thank ya, ma'am. That's right tasty.
Rebecca Prescott: You've only ate four plates, I was beginning to think you didn't like it.
Linus Rawlings: No, well, it don't pay to eat too much on an empty stomach, ma'am.
View Quote Mike King: Why did you bring those bodies here?
Jethro Stuart: They're railroaders. I thought somebody in the railroad might be interested.
Mike King: Well, I'm the railroad and I'm not interested. You should have buried 'em where you found 'em, then tracked down the Indians who did it.
View Quote Parson Alec Harvey: The laddie's health the reason you're heading west?
Zebulon Prescott: Partly, only partly. Mostly our trouble east was rocks. I had me a farm where some years I'd raise a hundred bushels of rocks to the acre.
Rebecca Prescott: Now, Zebulon, you hadn't oughta lie to the man like that.
Zebulon Prescott: Wife, I'm a god fearin soul and I tell the truth as I see it. Now I never used a plow, I'd blast out the furrows with gunpowder. And then one morning, I hauled the bucket up from out of the well and so help me the bucket was full of rocks. Rocks! I just stood there, right still, tryin' not to blaspheme, and I said to myself, "You've got a son that's ailin, you've got a twenty year old daughter what won't take to herself a husband, there she sits over there, moonin as usual, and you've got another daughter who just don't seem quite right in the head". Lilith! Now, I remind you sir, I'm still standin' there, holding a bucket full of rocks, and starin into a bleak old age. So I made me a vow right then and there, I said, "If I can find a man with five hundred dollars, who likes rocks, then there's going to be another fool ownin this farm. Well sir, the Lord provided such a man, and here I am.
Rebecca Prescott: He ain't told you one word of truth, Mr. Harvey. We had the best farm in the township.
Zebulon Prescott: Yeah, Rockville Township it was. Stone County.
View Quote Roger Morgan: Well, ain't that what I been doin'? Invitin' you? Invitin' you to share my life, Miss Prescott.
Lilith Prescott: I'm sorry, Mr. Morgan.
Roger Morgan: It's somethin' else, ain't it? Must be something else naggin' at ya. Well, I don't aim to let it stop me, Miss Prescott. You can count on that.
[he leaves]
Agatha Clegg: What'd he want?
Lilith Prescott: Children.
Agatha Clegg: Children? Well, I'll be... Why didn't he come shoppin' at the right store?
View Quote Roger Morgan: Wet or dry, you're the handsomest woman I ever did see. Spirit and a fine sturdy body. It's a noble combination, Miss Prescott. Why, for you, child bearin' would come as easy as rollin' off a log.
Lilith Prescott: Well, I... think I'd rather roll off a log, Mr. Morgan.
View Quote Zeb Rawlings: Boys, get back from there! Look down there son. Do you know how deep that shaft is?
Prescott Rawlings: Huh uh.
Zeb Rawlings: That's a thousand feet deep. Do you know how deep a thousand feet is? Well, if you had two hundred brothers all standing on your shoulders, you wouldn't be able to see over the top.
Prescott Rawlings: I'd be squooshed.
View Quote Zeb Rawlings: Do you remember the story Pa used to tell us about fightin' that grizzly bear?
Jeremiah Rawlings: Yeah.
Zeb Rawlings: And I asked him, I said, 'Now, why'd you get in such a fix? Do you like fightin' grizzlies?' He said, 'Well, not 'specially. I just wanted to go somewhere and the bear was there first.' I guess I just wanna go somewhere, too.
View Quote Zeb Rawlings: Mike King don't own the railroad!
Jethro Stuart: Oh? I don't think he knows that.
View Quote [about the Civil War] It had been the bloodiest day of the war on the Western Front. In the morning it had looked like a Confederate victory, but by nightfall, no man dared use the words "win" or "lose." After Shiloh, the South never smiled.
View Quote [about the Erie Canal ] About 150 years ago, an idea took shape in the mind of a man named DeWitt Clinton. And in the way Americans have of acting out their dreams, it came to be.
View Quote [as the camera pans over the Rocky Mountains] This land has a name today, and is marked on maps. But the names and the marks and the maps all had to be won, won from nature and from primitive man.