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Mr. Gruffydd: You shouldn't be here.
Angharad: I couldn't spend another night without knowing. What has happened? Is anything wrong?
Mr. Gruffydd: Wrong?
Angharad: You know what I mean. Why have you changed towards me? Why am I a stranger now? Have I done anything?
Mr. Gruffydd: No - the blame is mine. Your mother spoke to me after Chapel. She is happy to think you will be having plenty all your days.
Angharad: [scornfully] Iestyn Evans.
Mr. Gruffydd: You could do no better.
Angharad: I don't want him. I want you.
Mr. Gruffydd: Angharad - I have spent nights too - trying to think this out. When I took up this work, I knew what it meant - it meant sacrifice and devotion and making it my whole life to the exclusion of everything else. That I was perfectly willing to do. But to share it with another - Do you think I will have you going threadbare all your life? Depending on the charity of others for your good meals? Our children growing up in cast-off clothing - and ourselves thanking God for parenthood in a house full of bits? No - I can bear with such a life for the sake of my work. But I think I would start to kill if I saw the white come to your hair twenty years before its time.
Angharad: [softly, with tears in her eyes] Why? Why would you start to kill? Are you a man or a saint?
Mr. Gruffydd: I am no saint, but I have a duty towards you. Let me do it.
[She comes closer to him, and with her hands on his shoulders kisses him, before leaving]
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