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Hotel for Dogs

Hotel for Dogs quotes

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Bernie Wilkins

View Quote Andi: [the police see them where a store was broken into, the thieves just got away] We can't get in trouble again!
Bruce: We didn't do anything.
Andi: You want to tell them that?
View Quote Andi: You know, I think we might be in a little over our heads.
Dave: It's four-six; we're out dogged.
View Quote Bruce: If you look at it, dogs have three basic needs. That's-- that's eating, sleeping, and peeing and pooping.
Andi: That's four.
Bruce: No, I think peeing and pooping is one.
Heather: Uh, I've stepped in both and I have to disagree.
View Quote Carl: [runs into the kids' bedroom while brushing his teeth] Did I leave my whitening strips in here?
View Quote Lois: I'm suing you, I'm suing the state, I'm suing those kids, I'm suing the guy who invented shrink wrap, I'm suing everyone!
View Quote [In the hotel for dogs, Lenny the dog is howling because the window blind is down.]
Woman on cell phone: [talking to police] Yes, I'd like to call in a complaint about a howling dog.
[The kids open the window blind and Lenny stops howling.]
Woman on cell phone: Um...never mind.
View Quote [Lois and Carl have discovered the hotel for dogs and find that Andi and Bruce have been stealing from them.]
Carl: Hey, there's my wah-wah pedal! No wonder my sound's been off.
Lois: [in disbelief] Yeah, that's why.
Carl: [he looks around the hotel] This crap is amazing.
Lois: Yeah, 'cause it's our crap! They've been robbing us blind!
View Quote [Lois and Carl have fallen down the poop chute into a dumpster full of bags of dog poop.]
Lois: Where are we?
Carl: We're in deep doo-doo.
View Quote [has Friday the dog under his jacket] What's the matter? You've never seen a husky kid in a hoodie before?
View Quote You sold a guy a rock in a box for $20.