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Home Alone 3

Home Alone 3 quotes

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Alex Pruitt

View Quote Beaupre: We are going to Chicago.
Unger: In the winter? I packed tropical.
Beaupre: There are 14 houses. The toy car must be in one of them. We're gonna have to search them all. We'll come back when it's light.
Unger: We're gonna work houses in broad daylight?
Beaupre: It's the suburbs, Mr. Unger. Nobody's home during the day.
Karen: You get in that bed, young man.
Alex: Excuse me, but I saw a man in Karen Stephan's bedroom, a little older than Dad, and he was wearing butt inspection gloves.
Karen: I have warned you about that telescope. You look through it long enough, you're gonna start seeing things, whether or not they're there.
Alex: Well, I guess you have to be 35 before anyone around here listens to you.
Karen: Don't get smart with me, Alex. Sick or not, I am very angry with you. You caused a lot of trouble today. Dad and I have to replace a door at the Stephans'. Do you think we're happy about that?
Alex: I saw what I saw!
[Mr. Unger and Mr. Jernigan meet Beaupre, who just found Alex's toy car, at the Alcott's house]
Jernigan: It's a video camera. Someone's onto us.
Unger: Do you think this really matters? Chip's in the car. We're at the airport in 45 minutes.
Beaupre: Where's Alice?
Alice: [as she pushes a baby stroller to the Alcott's shed] What happened?
Beaupre: There's a woman in the house. I'll go back in and deal with her. Get the chip.
[Beaupre then hands Alice the car]
Jernigan: Unger. What's your position?
Unger: Heading down Washington Street.
Jernigan: I didn't copy. Where?
Unger: I said, I'm heading to Wuh-ah-ah-ah...
[Jernigan runs over Unger while driving]
Unger: Stop, you nitwit!
[the car stops and Unger collapses into the snow]
Unger: I can't tell you how much I appreciate you hitting me with a minivan.
Jernigan: Never let your motions get the best of you. You weren't paying attention. You should have been more vigilant.
Unger: You should've taken driver's ed. I'm gonna have bad knees when I'm old and I'll have Burton Jernigan to thank.
[Alice has just split her pants open at the rear while on a secret spy mission]
Alice: I need assistance. I'm exposed.
[as Alice locks them in Mrs. Hess' garage, intending to keep her from interfering]
Mrs. Hess: What are you doing?
Alice: I left my heart in San Francisco.
Alex: Heads up!
[unleashes booby trap that releases dumbbells on Beaupre and Unger]
Alex: [donging is heard] Ouch.
[Alice finds Beaupre and Unger lying on the doorstep]
Alice: You got hit with a book?
Unger: Books. Plural. A trunk full of books. And then a set of weights. We got hit twice, ya dumb broad.
Alice: Excuse me, Mr. Unger. I didn't get taken down by an infant.
Beaupre: We didn't anticipate the defense the boy would mount.
Beaupre: [as he peeks into the mailslot of Alex's house] You can run, but you can't hide, Junior!
Alex: Surprise!
[he sprays black paint to Beaupre's eyes]
Alex: What a loser.
[Alex hides in the closet as Unger tries to unlock the door]
Unger: I'm coming for you, shorty, to pay you back for all the misery you caused me.
Alice: Mr. Unger, what are you doing?
Unger: Kid's in the closet. Scaring him a little, just before I grab him. And behind door number one...!
[he opens the closet door to see Alex isn't there; just shelves stacked with towels]
Unger: [disapponted] ...towels.
Jernigan: Hmph.
Unger: I saw this door close.
Alice: Idiot.
[Alex is hiding in a bag hanging from the door]
Unger: Would I make it up? Why? What's the point? We working on commission here?
Jernigan: [hit in the groin by Alice's crowbar] You smacked my winkie!
Alice: Well, if you changed your shorts once in a while, maybe you wouldn't have rats in your pants!
Police Officer #1: Freeze!
Unger: [in the pool frozen with Jernigan] You gotta be kidding me.
Alex: There's a senior citizen across the street who's gonna need some soup and a doctor to look at her feet. There's two guys in our pool and a woman in our basement. The other one's gone.
Agent Stuckey: [shows Alex a photo of Beaupre] Is this him?
Alex: Yep.
Agent Stuckey: For seven years, I've been after this guy. He always manages to slip away. Thanks.
Mrs. Hess: I had the chicken pox when Herbert Hoover was in the White House.
View Quote [calls out to the crooks] You're not gonna find me up there, you big, dumb, law-breaking knuckleheads!