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Hitler: The Rise of Evil

Hitler: The Rise of Evil quotes

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View Quote Adolf Hitler: We were friends once, Ernst; you saw my potential before anyone else; you speak your mind unlike the others; and you love your men more than yourself, which is rare in a leader. But you refuse to bend. Why? You have power.
Ernst Röhm: I don't want power, I want justice. My men were promised...
Adolf Hitler: I don't care. I don't give a damn about promises! You know this!... you know this. Ernst, the SA are not now, nor will they ever be the official German army. You must stand down.
Ernst Röhm: You're right, Adolf. We were friends once; and I will always speak my mind; and I will not betray my men!
View Quote Fritz Gerlich: He's insane. A complete psychotic. He may be a compelling speaker on stage, but in person I could see into his eyes and what I saw was... terrifying.
Gustav von Kahr: And I intend to shut him down.
Fritz Gerlich: With all due respect, Commissar Von Kahr, you need to handle him with care.
Gustav von Kahr: Don't worry, I will. I know how to deal with Adolf Hitler.
View Quote Joseph Goebbels: The opposition papers are implying things about your relationship with your niece.
Adolf Hitler: Trust these Jews to paint everyone as dirty as they are.
Joseph Goebbels: But it's not just them. People in the party are also beginning to object...
Adolf Hitler: She's my niece, for God's sake! We go to the opera together!
View Quote [Adolf Hitler has called out Gregor Strasser over taking up an offer to be Reichstag vice-chancellor]
Gregor Strasser: The Party is much more than you. You say that yourself. As vice-chancellor, block the Communists, increase our popularity.
Adolf Hitler: And how would you deal with traitors?
Strasser: I'm not a traitor, my Führer.
Hitler: Traitors are defined, Strasser, not by themselves, but by the people they betray! You will refuse Schleicher's offer and you will resign your Party's position, effective immediately.
View Quote [Georg Bell visits the Straight Path offices]
Georg Bell: Hitler's just called an emergency meeting at the Reichstag. He wants our approval for something he calls the "Enabling Act", which will turn this country into a police state, with him as absolute ruler.
Fritz Gerlich: My God. No matter what he does, he just gets stronger!
Sepp: I'll bet the Nazis set the fire themselves.
Bell: There's something I haven't told you. Once this is out, Röhm will identify me as your source. My job as Röhm's press secretary was just a front. He hired me to get financing outside of Germany.
Sepp: Financing? For what?
Bell: The SA. He agreed to sign a contract with a man in London in exchange for exclusive oil imports to Germany.
Sepp: The Nazi Party was giving economic incentives to a foreign investor?
Gerlich: What happened to Germans for Germany?
Bell: Exactly.
View Quote [given the spate of elections, Hindenburg tries to talk to his officials about keeping Hitler in check, but when Hitler expresses his desire to be Chancellor...]
Franz von Papen: That's my job! [Kurt von Schleicher laughs]
Adolf Hitler: [walks up to von Schleicher] I wouldn't laugh, General. Perhaps I'll take your job as well. [to Hindenburg] Herr Reich President, surely you can see I'm a force to be reckoned with? The sooner you appoint me Chancellor, approve my cabinet...
President Paul von Hindenburg: I will never appoint you Chancellor! [stands up] How dare you presume, sir? You're nothing but a Bohemian corporal! If I made you head of this government, how would I answer to God?
Hitler: And how will you answer to Germany if you don't? [pause] Good day, sir.
View Quote [Hitler convenes the Reichstag's emergency session inside the Kroll Opera House after the fire]
Adolf Hitler: In order for the government to carry out the necessary procedures against terrorism, Reichstag must support an Enabling Act. This act is your opportunity to hand power over to those who can wield it most effectively. From now on, all legislation will be handled by the Administration, which will have sole right to make constitutional changes. Freedoms of speech, association, and the press are temporarily suspended. Privacy rights in relation to telephone and postal communication are revoked.[the non-Nazi delegates are agitated as someone calls for order] The government assumes the right to intervene in any situation to restore order. The right to draft laws passes from the Reich's President to Chancellor. I offer the Reichstag the chance for peace in Germany!
Franz von Papen: Never! If you respect our Constitution...
Hermann Goering: [bangs gavel] Will the Vice-Chancellor return to his seat!
Adolf Hitler: I will take any refusal as a statement of opposition! Gentlemen, you must decide. Will it be peace, or war? [stunned silence until Goering and gradually everybody sings Deutschland uber Alles]
View Quote Episode I[edit] Friedrich Hollaender: Everyone's depressed - bad for the economy but excellent for cabaret. German people don't need democracy, for God's sake, they need music, laughter, someone to tell them what to do so they can get in line and follow.
Ernst Hanfstaengl: Don't tell me you've become a nationalist?
Friedrich Hollaender: I'm a satirist, Ernst. The most dangerous politician of them all. Speaking of humor, I'm going to hear Hitler tomorrow - would you like to come?
Ernst Hanfstaengl: The anti-Semite?
Friedrich Hollaender: The National Socialist anti-Semite. Call them "Nazis" just to piss them off. I hear he's fascinating.
Ernst Hanfstaengl: Well, that's very open-minded of you.
Friedrich Hollaender: You mean for a Jew, yes? I'm not supporting him, for God's sake. I need new material.
Episode II[edit] Adolf Hitler: The SA are to be bridled, Ernst. They may sing, march, carry flags, but they are to keep calm unless I say otherwise.
Ernst Röhm: We're not a Sunday shooting club, Adolf. We're a militia.
Adolf Hitler: Not anymore. My personal security will now be handled by the SS. Your men give off the wrong impression.
Ernst Röhm: I don't give a damn about impressions, but without the SA, without us, our loyalty...
Adolf Hitler: The wheels of history have turned! The plan has changed.
Ernst Röhm: [icily] Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. [salutes and leaves]