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[MacLeod is inside a church, possibly in the Catholic denomination, very large interior, decorated with arches and columns, stained-glass windows and candles, and an altar draped in a purple tablecloth decorated with gold embroidery. He approaches a shrine, possibly dedicated to the Virgin Mary, lights a fresh prayer candle, and places it into one of the shrine's candle holding cups. He then drops to his knees, with his hands in front of the shrine.]
MacLeod: [Very softly, whispering in some places, and somewhat sadly] For you, my bonny Heather. Happy Birthday. And you, Juan Ramirez... [with a near-invisible sense of laughter in his voice, as if remembering funny memories] take care of her, you overdressed haggis.
[The Kurgan enters the church, as MecLeod is sinking into one of the pews, on his own. As he enters, he struts over to the shrine, makes the sign of the cross, puts his hands together as if in prayer, and puts out the prayer candles, including the one MacLeod has just lit. He struts down the aisle and leans over a praying MacLeod.]
Kurgan: [Hitting MacLeod on his shoulder] Kastagir is gone. Only you and I remain. [He sits down in the pew behind MacLeod.]
MacLeod: [Turning round] Nice to see you, Kurgan. Who cut your hair?
Kurgan: [Looks briefly at his badly-shaved head] I am in disguise. This way, no one will recognize me.
MacLeod: [Laughs briefly] I do. What do you want?
Kurgan: Your head. [MacLeod scoffs.] And the Prize. Watch...
[Two nuns walk by.]
Kurgan: [Leering out of his pew] Happy Halloween, ladies! [He makes licking gestures with his tongue, and barks at the nuns. The nuns cross themselves, otherwise ignoring him, continuing up the aisle.] Nuns. No sense of humor.
MacLeod: [Examining the horrible scar on the Kurgan's neck] Ramírez's blade did not cut deeply enough. [To the Kurgan] He was right about you. You're slime.
Kurgan: [Loudly] Ramírez was an effete snob! He died on his knees. [In a bragging sort of manner] I took his head and raped his woman before his blood was even cold! [MacLeod absorbs the information, turning away. Disturbed people and choirboys start to leave. MacLeod faces the Kurgan again, angry now.] I see... Ramírez lied. She was not his woman. She was your woman, and she never told you. I wonder why? Perhaps I gave her something you never could... [MacLeod grabs him by the collar. He looks at MacLeod's hand.] ...and secretly, she yearned for my return! [He releases himself from MacLeod's grip. He rises, bringing MacLeod up with him.] Holy ground, Highlander! Remember what Ramírez taught you.
MacLeod: You can't stay in here forever!
[The Kurgan sits down in the pew again.]
Kurgan: You are weak, Highlander. You will always be weaker than I.
[MacLeod grabs Kurgan by the throat.]
MacLeod: I'll be out front.
[Kurgan releases himself from Connor's grip once again.]
Kurgan: Goodbye, MacLeod. We will meet soon enough.
[MacLeod leaves the church.]
Minister: [Approaching the laughing Kurgan] For the love of God! These people are trying to pray. You're disturbing them.
Kurgan: [With his hands folded behind his head, and his feet swung up on top of the pew MacLeod was sitting at] He cares for these helpless mortals?
Priest: Of course He does. He died for our sins.
Kurgan: That shall be His undoing. [He rises from his seat and takes the priest's hand.] Father, forgive me. I... am a worm. [He stoops, licks the priest's hand, and squeezes it. He prepares to leave, strutting back up the aisle, fastening his jacket, and then turns around.] [Loudly] I have something to say! It's better to burn out than to fade away! [He dances out of the church, cackling.]

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