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[Connor is in a police interrogation room, being observed by Sergeant Garfield and Detective Bedsoe. Garfield is eyeing Connor up. Connor knows this, and stares into Garfield's eyes. Garfield looks unnerved. Detective Lieutenant Moran walks in, with a mug of coffee in one hand, a sword wrapped in plastic in the other, and a red file under his arm with the sword. He sets the mug on the desk, sets everything else on the desk too, and sits down opposite Connor, who looks at him.] Moran: [Opening the folder, taking out a black-and-white photograph of a man and setting it so Connor can see it] You ever see this guy before, Nash?
[Connor briefly looks at the photograph, then shakes his head.] Moran: His name's Vasilek, Polish national. Had his head chopped off in New Jersey two nights ago. You ever get over to New Jersey, Nash?
Connor: Not if I can help it.
Garfield: You talk funny, Nash. Where're you from?
Connor: [To Garfield] Lots of different places.
Moran: You're an antique dealer, right?
Connor: Yes.
Moran: Okay... [He reaches for the sword and brings it onto the table] ...what's that?
[Connor leans over to have a look at the sword.] Connor: [Almost sarcastically] A sword?
Garfield: Wise up, smart-ass. [Connor shoots him a dirty look as he leans back.]
Moran: It's a Toledo Salamanca broadsword, worth about a million bucks.
Connor: So?
Moran: So you wanna hear a theory?
Connor: Yes.
Moran: You were down that garage to buy this sword from that guy, whatshisname?
Connor: I don't know, you tell me.
Moran: Okay, his is Iman Fasil. You fought about the price and cut off his head.
Connor: [Laughs briefly] Wanna hear another theory? This Fasil was so upset about the lousy wrestling tonight, he went down to the garage and in a fit of depression, cut off his own head.
[Bedsoe laughs.] Moran: That's not funny, Walt.
Garfield: You a ****, Nash?
Connor: Why, Garfield? You cruising for a piece of ass?
Garfield: [Walks over to Connor] I'll tell you what happened, Russell. You went down to the garage for a blowjob, and just didn't wanna pay for it.
Connor: [Laughs briefly] You are sick. [Garfield punches him in the face. Connor recoils, then jumps out his chair, knocks it over, and races straight into Garfield, rugby-tackling him and driving him directly into the wall.]
Moran: Hey, hey! HEY! STOP THAT!
Bedsoe: What you doing?
[The rooms outside the interrogation room stop work, because the other civilians have seen what's happening, and are cheering.] Bedsoe: [On Connor's right arm] What are you, crazy?! [Connor shoves him away, with such a force that knocks him to the floor and sliding across it, to the opposite wall.]
Moran: [Angrily] BREAK IT UP! [Interposes himself between Connor and Garfield] That's enough! That's it! CUT IT OUT!
Connor: [Walking over to the desk] Am I under arrest?
Moran: Not yet.
Connor: Then we're through. [He prepares to leave the interrogation room.]
Moran: Hey! We're just getting started.
[Connor leaves the interrogation room. The civilians are all cheering him, especially the ladies.]

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