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High School Musical 3

High School Musical 3 quotes

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Gabriella Montez
Sharpay Evans

View Quote Chad Danforth: So I guess when they hand us that diploma, we're actually done here.
Troy: What makes you think we're getting diplomas?
Chad: Just one question, does Berkley play?
Troy: Oh yeah, we're scheduled to kick some Redhawk butt this November. [Knowing they'll see each other again, they both smile]
View Quote Chad: Taylor McKessie, will you please go to prom with me?!
Taylor: [The girls have a group huddle, then Taylor turns around, happy that Chad finally asked her the right way] It would be an honor. [They embrace, and he hands her his flowers.]
Chad: [Clearly drained from the experience] Gotta shoot some hoops. [Leaves the lunchroom]
View Quote Gabriella: (pulls out a red cape and looks at Troy)
Troy: That's Chad's.
Gabriella: Of course it is.
View Quote Gabriella: I'm a lot better at saying goodbye than you.
Troy: Why do you keep saying goodbye?
Gabriella: No, not forever, for tonight.
View Quote Gabriella: Prom's back in Alberquerque.... What are you doing here?
Troy: My prom is wherever you are.
View Quote Ms. Darbus: We'll call it, senior year!
Sharpay: Genius.
View Quote Sharpay: [slams troy's locker door] Hi Troy.
Troy: [gasps] Oh hi.
Sharpay: I just wanted to be the first to say congratulations.
Troy: Thank you... I have no idea what your talking about.
Sharpay: I'm talking about Gabriella. [holds up page from the internet]
Troy: [takes page] how did you get this?
Sharpay: Oh, the whole school's buzzing. You didn't know?
[Troy shakes head]
Sharpay: Ok, this is a little awkward. But it is a shame she won't be here for the show.
Troy: Yeah.
Sharpay: I'm guessing she didn't tell you because the only thing standing in her way of going is... you.
View Quote Sharpay: But you were so loyal and sweet.
Tiara: That's called acting. You should try it some time.Toodles!
View Quote Sharpay: Hey, Troy when's the big game?
Troy: Ummm...Yesterday.
Sharpay: Well, good luck. Toodles!
View Quote Sharpay: How could you be thinking about food in a time like this?
Ryan:'Coz maybe because it's lunchtime?
View Quote Sharpay: Tell Troy to come here so we can practice the kissing scene.
Donnie: There isn't a kissing scene, and hasn't anyone told you that...
View Quote Tiara Gold: I wouldn't eat you even if I was starving and you were the last pickle at the picnic.
Jimmy "The Rocket" Zara: [They'd both insulted each other] Wanna go get some lunch?
View Quote Troy: [to Chad while they are pushing the truck] Almost there, keep pushing.
View Quote Troy: I'm saving for a new fuel pump.
Chad: Uh-huh. Save faster.
View Quote Troy: Why do you keep saying goodbye?
Gabriella: [sighs] I love you Wildcat, but I need to stay right where I am, I'm sorry. [hangs up clearly upset]