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(After hearing about the staff not being allowed to perform in the talent show, Gabriella confronts Sharpay.) Gabriella: Sharpay!(pause) Forget about the rest of us, how about the fact that your brother has worked extremely hard on this show?
Sharpay: Oh boo-who, he'll be in the show, he'll do his celebrity impersonations. And don't you lecture me about Ryan, given the way you've been interfering with Troy's future.
Gabriella: What?
Sharpay: You've gotten him written up by Fulton for sneaking on the golf course and swimming after hours. I had to step in just to save Troy's job.
Gabriella: I'm not interested in what you think you're doing for Troy, that's between you and him. But you're messing with my friends and my summer, and that's not okay with me.
Sharpay: You don't like the fact that I won.
Gabriella: What's the prize? Troy?(Troy walks up behind Gabriella and hears the rest) The Star Dazzle Award? You have to go through all this just to get either one? No, thanks Sharpay. You're very good at a game that I don't want to play. So, I'm done here. But you better step away from the mirror long enough to check the damage that will always be right behind you!
Sharpay: (upset and mad) GIRLS!!
(Sharpay walks off and as Gabriella goes to walk away, Troy runs up.) Troy: Hey! What do you mean you're done here? You can't quit!
Gabriella: Us working together sounded good but plans change and...people change. The club talent show is a big deal for Sharpay and evidently for your future, so it's cool, just make it happen; wear your new Italian shoes.
Troy: Hey, I'm still me.
Gabriella: Blowing off your friends? Missing dates?! If that's you, it's good to know!
Troy: No, no, no, no, no. I was only doing that because I'm working on the scholarship thing.You know that.
Gabriella: (sighs) But if along the way you act like someone you're not, pretty soon that's who you become.
Troy: I meant what I said about movies, and summer, and just being together!
Gabriella: I'm sure you did, at the time. But I also meant what I said, that I want to remember this summer. But not like this, Troy.
(Gabriella begins singing "Gotta Go My Own Way")
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