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Heat (1995)

Heat (1995) quotes

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Justine Hanna
Neil McCauley
Vincent Hanna

View Quote Albert Torena: Where's your empathy, brother? It's a substance abuse problem.
Vincent: Empathy was yesterday. Today, you're wasting my mother****ing time.
View Quote Justine: Are you all right? What happened? Where've you been?
Vincent: Work. Lauren's dad show up?
Justine: Didn't call, didn't show. We waited for you until 10:30.
Vincent: Does this guy have any idea of what's going on with this kid?
Justine: [shakes her head] I don't know.
Vincent: What, is she okay?
Justine: She's been in her room all day, so no, she's not okay. Neither am I. Uh, I made dinner for us four hours ago. Um, by the time I tried to maintain a consistent mood between us, she'd withdraw.
Vincent: I've got three dead bodies on a sidewalk off Venice Boulevard, Justine! I'm sorry if the overcooked.
View Quote Michael: What's your name?
Waingro: Waingro. [Michael opens the door and lets Waingro in. He climbs up into the passenger's seat] You're Michael, huh? You guys always work together?
Michael: All the time.
Waingro: Real tight crew, huh?
Michael: Real tight.
Waingro: Yeah if this works, I'd consider going again, you know.
Michael: Yeah, stop talking, okay, slick?
View Quote Neil: L.A.P.D. Gee, what, where the **** did this heat come from?
Chris: Maybe it's the score they were onto, the place, not us. 'Cause it's been hit a couple of times, you know, or something?
Neil: Assume they got our phones, assume they got our houses, assume they got us, right here, right now as we sit, everything. Assume it all.
View Quote Uniformed Officer: You taking this one, Lieutenant? Or does it stay in Division?
Vincent: Does this look like gangbangers working the local 7-11 to you? Robbery-Homicide's taking it.
Uniformed Officer: It's all yours.
Det. Bosko: We've got three motorists. All they saw were men with masks, they were distant. Console TV Man over there, however, he was closer. [gestures to the homeless man, who is being interviewed by another detective]
Vincent: Did he ID anybody?
Det. Bosko: Well he was hiding. He heard it mostly. [Hanna starts towards the bodies of the three guards]
Vincent: OK, what about them?
Det. Bosko: Right, now according to the TV Man, this guy started mouthing off.
Vincent: Smart.
Det. Bosko: Yeah, somebody called a guard "Slick".
Sgt. Drucker: Slick?
Det. Bosko: Yeah. Now this guy - I figure this guy went for that holdout piece, ankle holster, right from here. Bang. Bang. Bang-bang-bang, to this side. This guy here has got what appears to be a double-tap entry wound to the sternum. Tattooing around a head-wound, scorched bone, close range, probably executed. There was $1.6 million in bearer bonds, and they ignored the loose cash.
Vincent: 'Cause they had no time; 'cause they were on a clock, which means they knew our response time to a 211, had our air, immobilized it, entered, [and] escaped in under three minutes. It's a good spot here. We've got good escape routes - two freeways, within a quarter of a mile.
Det.-Sgt. Casals: Traffic video camera?
Vincent: Probably disabled. Check it anyway.
Sgt. Drucker: You recognize the M.O.?
Vincent: M.O. is that they're good. Once it escalated into a murder one beef for all of 'em, after they killed the first two guards, they didn't hesitate; pop guard number three because... what difference does it make? Why leave a living witness? Drop of a hat these guys will rock and roll. The shape charge--the shape charge indicates that they are technically proficient. Proficient enough to go in on the prowl, so let's start looking for recent highline burglaries that have mystified us. [to Casals] Run "Slick" as an alias to the FBI. We're gonna get the phone book. Do it anyway. [to Drucker] Who's movin' the bearer bonds? Check the usual fences. You and I will check with Cuzomano and Torena. [to Schwartz] I want you to take Goldstein and O'Farrell. [to Bosko] Hang in with forensics, from the bomb squad. I want the explosive. If we're lucky, it's exotic - we can trace the sale.
View Quote Vincent: Seven years in Folsom. In the hole for three. McNeil before that. McNeil as tough as they say?
Neil: You lookin' to become a penologist?
Vincent: You lookin' to go back? You know, I chased down some crews; guys just lookin' to **** up, get busted back. That you?
Neil: You must've worked some dipshit crews.
Vincent: I worked all kinds.
Neil: You see me doin' thrill-seeker liquor store holdups with a "Born to Lose" tattoo on my chest?
Vincent: No, I do not.
Neil: Right. I am never goin' back.
Vincent: Then don't take down scores.
Neil: I do what I do best. I take scores. You do what you do best trying to stop guys like me. [shrugs]
Vincent: You never wanted a normal-type life?
Neil: What the **** is that? Barbecues and ballgames?
Vincent: Yeah.
Neil: This regular type life, that your life?
Vincent: No. My life is a disaster zone. I got a stepdaughter so ****ed up, because her real father's this large-type asshole. I got a wife, we're passing each other on the down-slope of our marriage. My third. Because, I spend all of my time chasing guys like you around the block. That's my life.
Neil: A guy told me one time: Don't ever let yourself get attached to anything that you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner [pause] Now, if you're on me and you gotta move when I move, how do you expect to keep a...a marriage?
Vincent: That's an interesting point. What are you, a monk?
Neil: No. [pause] I got a woman.
Vincent: What do you tell her?
Neil: I tell her that I'm a salesman.
Vincent: So, if you spot me around the gonna walk out on this woman? Not even say goodbye?
Neil: That's the discipline.
Vincent: That's pretty vacant.
Neil: It is what it is. Either that, or we better go do something else, pal.
Vincent: I don't know how to do anything else.
Neil: Neither do I.
Vincent: And I don't much want to.
Neil: Neither do I.
Vincent: [laughs] You know, I have this recurring dream. I'm sitting at this big banquet table and all the victims of all the murders I ever worked are there...and they're staring at me with these black eyeballs because they got eight-ball hemorrhages from the head wounds. And there they are, these big balloon people because I found them two weeks after they'd been under the bed. The neighbors reported the smell and there they are all just sitting there.
Neil: What do they say?
Vincent: Nothing.
Neil: No talk?
Vincent: They have nothing to say. We just look at each other. They look at me and that's it. That's the dream.
Neil: I have one where I'm drowning. I gotta wake myself up and start breathing or I'll die in my sleep.
Vincent: You know what that's about?
Neil: Yeah...having enough time.
Vincent: Having enough do what you want to do?
Neil: Yeah.
Vincent: You doing it now?
Neil: No, not yet.
Vincent: You know, we're sitting here, you and I, like a coupla regular fellas. You do what you do. I do what I gotta do. Now that we've been face to face...if I am there and I got to put you away? [pause] I won't like it. But, i'll tell ya...if it's between you and some poor bastard whose wife you're going to make into a widow, brother, you are gonna go down.
Neil: There's a flip side to that coin. What if you do got me boxed in and I gotta put you down? [pause] 'Cause no matter what, you will not get in my way. We'e been face to face...yeah But I won't hesitate. Not for a second.
Vincent: [smiles] Maybe, that's the way it'll be. Or...who knows.
Neil: Or maybe, we'll never see each other again.
View Quote Waingro: Get back. [The terrified guards don't move] Get back! [They still don't move] Get back!! [Waingro pistol-whips the first guard over the left shoulder]
Michael: Hey slick, see that shit comin' outta their ears? They can't ****ing hear you! Cool it!
Chris: All right guys! I got it! Got it!
Waingro: [to the guards] You had to **** with me. You wanna **** with me?
[He shoots the first guard in the head. The second one reaches for his ankle holster. Neil promptly kills him. With a nod from Neil, Michael shoots the third guard twice in the chest. He then steps up and shoots the final guard]
Neil: [to Waingro] What the **** were you doin'? What did you do? [grabs Waingro] Dumb mother****er.
Waingro: The guy was making a move.
View Quote Waingro: I had to get it on. He [the guard] was making a move. I had to get it on! [McCauley smashes Waingro's face into the table.]
Neil: Split's in the car. Took it out of ours, evenly. To make up for his full end. Because I want to pay off and get rid of this mother****er right now.
[They walk out of the diner. Neil grabs Waingro by the nose and drags him between a lot of cars. Trejo opens up a car trunk lined with garbage bags. Neil forces Waingro to the ground, kicks him, holds him down, and draws his pistol out to shoot him]
Michael: HOLD IT!
[McCauley looks up, and sees a police car over on the main road, stopped. After a moment, the cruiser activates its lights and siren, makes a u-turn, and drives away. By the time Neil turns around, Waingro has vanished]
View Quote [Hanna notices that the crew is leaving empty-handed, after one of the SWAT officers in his van makes a noise that gives himself away to McCauley]
Vincent: [over the radio] OK, let 'em go.
Police Captain: What do you mean? We can take 'em...
Vincent: On what? What are you gonna take 'em on? Breaking and entering? They didn't steal anything yet. Don't you get it? It gets knocked back to some chicken shit misdemeanour, they do six months and they're out. No ****in' way.
Police Captain: I'm not taking the heat from my boss just 'cause you let 'em go. They're not walking.
Vincent: That's exactly what they're gonna do. They're gonna walk. This is my operation. I have tactical command that supersedes your rank! They will walk away and you will let them! [slams his radio down] ****!
View Quote [Hanna's team question Alan Marciano about Charlene Shiherlis]
Alan Marciano: [somewhat to himself] Why'd I get mixed up with that bitch?
Vincent: Cause she's got a great ass!! And you got your head all the way up it! Ferocious, aren't I? When I think of asses, a woman's ass, something comes out of me.
Alan Marciano: So?
Vincent: So, no big thing. All I want is her husband, and his whole ****ing crew. Now you're gonna work with Sgt. Drucker here.
View Quote [Hanna, Drucker, Casals, and a Las Vegas detective barge past Alan Marciano's secretary and enter his office]
Alan Marciano: Can I help you?
Vincent: Are you Alan Marciano?
Alan Marciano: Yeah. And who the **** are you?
[Hanna pins Marciano down onto his office desk]
Vincent: Lieutenant Vincent Hanna, LAPD.
Alan Marciano: LA? This is Las Vegas! You don't have jurisdiction here!
[Hanna sets Marciano down in his chair and turns him towards the Las Vegas detective]
Vincent: Las Vegas PD takes you into custody. You are extradited to Newark on a New Jersey warrant for smuggling cigarettes up from North Carolina three years ago, or you go to work for us. Cut and dried.
View Quote [Last words of the film, as McCauley lies dying]
Neil: Told you I'm never going back.
Vincent: Yeah.
View Quote [Neil calls Roger Van Zant from a restaurant kitchen phone after the assassination attempt]
Neil: Roger Van Zant?
Roger Van Zant: Yeah, who's this?
Neil: You know what this is?
Roger Van Zant: Yes I do, yes I do. I sent a guy to deliver the package. He didn't call. Is everything all right?
Neil: Tell you what: forget the money.
Roger Van Zant: What?
Neil: Forget, the money.
Roger Van Zant: Well, it's--it's a lot of money. Wha--What are you doing? Whaddaya mean, "forget the money"?
Neil: What am I doing? I'm talking to an empty telephone.
Roger Van Zant: I don't understand.
Neil: Because there is a dead man on the other end of this ****in' line. [hangs up]
View Quote [Vincent catches his wife cheating on him]
Justine: In a way, you're a party to this.
Vincent: Oh yeah, I made Ralph **** you because it makes me feel good!
View Quote [Vincent gets back after being called to the scene of Waingro's latest murder victim]
Justine: I guess the earth shattered?
Vincent: So why didn't you let Bosko take you home?
Justine: I didn't wanna ruin their night too. What was it?
Vincent: You don't wanna know.
Justine: I'd like to know what's behind that grim look on your face.
Vincent: I don't do that. You know it. Let's go, come on.
Justine: You never told me I'd be excluded.
Vincent: I told you when we hooked up, baby, that you were gonna have to share me with all the bad people and all the ugly events on this planet.
Justine: And I bought into that sharing. Because I love you. I love you fat, bald, money, no money, driving a bus - I don't care. But you have got to be present like a normal guy, some of the time. That's sharing. This is not sharing, this is left overs!
Vincent: Oh, I see, what I should do is, er, come home and say, "Hi honey! Guess what? I walked into this house today, where this junkie asshole just fried his baby in a microwave, because it was crying too loud. So let me share that with you. Come on, let's share that, and in sharing it, we'll somehow, er, cathartically dispel all that heinous shit". Right? [pause] Wrong.