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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince quotes

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Albus Dumbledore
Draco Malfoy
Harry Potter
Horace Slughorn

View Quote Arthur Weasley: Times like these, dark times, they do funny things to people. They can tear them apart.
View Quote Katie Bell: I know you're going to ask Harry, but I don't know who cursed me. I’ve been trying to remember, honestly. But I just can’t.
View Quote Luna Lovegood: I've never been to this part of the castle. Well, not when I'm awake. I sleep-walk, you see. That's why I wear shoes to bed.
View Quote Professor McGonagall: Potter, take Weasley with you. He looks far too happy over there.
View Quote Severus Snape: You dare use my own spells against me, Potter? Yes. I'M the Half-Blood Prince.
View Quote Dumbledore: Good evening, Draco. What brings you here on this fine, spring evening?
Malfoy: Who else is here? I heard you talking.
Dumbledore: I often talk aloud to myself. I find it extraordinarily useful. Have you been whispering to you yourself, Draco? Draco, you are no assassin.
Malfoy: How do you know what I am?! I've done things that would shock you!
Dumbledore: Like cursing Katie Bell and hoping that, in return, she would bear a cursed necklace to me? Like replacing a bottle of mead with one laced with poison? Forgive me, Draco, but I cannot help feeling these actions are so weak that your heart can't really have been in them.
Malfoy: He trusts me! I was chosen! [reveals the Dark Mark on his left arm]
Dumbledore: I shall make it easy for you... [raises his wand]
Malfoy: Expelliarmus!
Dumbledore: [wand flies out of his hand] Very good, very good. [door opens in the distance] You're not alone? There are others? How?
Malfoy: The Vanishing Cabinet in the Room of Requirement. I've been mending it.
Dumbledore: Let me guess; It has a sister? A twin?
Malfoy: At Borgin & Burke's. They form a passage.
Dumbledore: Ingenius. Draco, years ago, I knew a boy who made all the wrong choices. Please let me help you.
Malfoy: [breaking into tears] I don't want your help! Don't you understand? I have to do this! I have to kill you! Or he's gonna kill me...
Bellatrix: [walking into the astronomy tower followed by Death Eaters] Well, look what we have here. Well done, Draco!
Dumbledore: Good evening, Bellatrix. I think introductions are in order, don't you think?
Bellatrix: Love to, Albus, but I'm afraid we're on a bit of a tight schedule. [to Draco] Do it!
Greyback: He doesn't have the stomach... just like his father. Let me finish him in my own way.
Bellatrix: No! The Dark Lord was clear; The boy's to do it. This is your moment. Do it! Go on, Draco! NOW!
[Malfoy lowers his wand]
Snape: No. [steps in]
Dumbledore: Severus... please.
[short pause]
Snape: Avada Kedavra!
[The spell hits Dumbledore. He is knocked over the rail behind him and falls from the tower, as Harry witnesses everything]
View Quote Dumbledore: I'm like you, Tom. I'm different.
Tom Riddle - Age 11: Prove it.
[Dumbledore continues to look at Tom, then the wardrobe behind them bursts into flame.]
Dumbledore: I think there's something in your wardrobe trying to get out, Tom.
View Quote Dumbledore: So what's with all the theatrics, Horace? You weren't by any chance waiting for someone else, were you?
Slughorn: Someone else? I'm sure I don't know what you mean... Oh alright. The Death Eaters have been trying to recruit me for over a year, you know what that's like? You can only say no to these people so many times, so I never stay anywhere more than a week. The Muggles who own this place are in the Canary Islands.
View Quote Ginny: Close your eyes. That way you can’t be tempted. [she hides the Half-Blood Prince's book, then kisses Harry] That can stay hidden up here too, if you like.
[a short time later, Harry is walking down the hallway, in a daze. Ron appears beside him]
Ron: So, did you and Ginny do it, then?
Harry: [alarmed] What?
Ron: You know, hide the book?
Harry: Oh... yeah.
View Quote Harry: Incarcerous! [Snape blocks the spell] Fight back! You coward, fight back!
[Bellatrix knocks Harry backwards with a spell]
Snape: No! He belongs to the Dark Lord!
[Bellatrix reluctantly walks away. Snape glances at Harry briefly before beginning to leave.]
Harry: Sectumsempra!
[Snape knocks Harry backwards, then approaches him slowly]
Snape: You dare use my own spells against me, Potter? [Harry stares in horror] Yes. I'm the Half-Blood Prince. [Kicks Harry's wand away and leaves]
View Quote Harry: What brings you here, sir?
Slughorn: [good-naturedly/drunkenly] Oh, the Three Broomsticks and I go way back! Farther back than I care to admit! Ho ho ho... Why I can remember when it was just ONE Broomstick! [Slughorn chuckles and spills his drink all over the table, splashing Hermione; she jumps away] Whoops! All hands on deck, there, Granger!
View Quote Hermione: [about Romilda Vane] She's only interested in you because she thinks you're the Chosen One.
Harry: But I am the Chosen One. [Hermione hits on the head with a rolled up newspaper.] Sorry, um, kidding.
View Quote Lavender: [noticing Hermione at Ron's side in the Hospital Wing] What's she doing here!?
Hermione: I might ask you the same question!
Lavender: I happen to be his girlfriend!
Hermione: I happen to be his... friend.
Lavender: Don't make me laugh. You haven't spoken in weeks! I suppose you want to make up now that he's suddenly all interesting!
Hermione: He's been poisoned, you daft dimbo! And for the record, I've always found him interesting.
[Ron stirs]
Lavender: Ah! See? He senses my presence. [leans down] Don't worry, Won-Won! I'm here. I'm here.
Ron: [croaks] Uh... Hermione... Her... my... nee. Hermione...
[Hermione tenderly takes Ron's hand. Lavender runs out in tears. Awkward silence.]
Dumbledore: [jovially] Oh, to be young and to feel love's keen sting. Well, come away everyone... Mr. Weasley is well tended.
[They all leave]
Ginny: [whispering to Harry] About time, too. Don't you think?
Harry: [To Madam Pomfrey as she puts something on Ron's bedside table] Thank you.
Hermione: [noticing Harry's expression] Oh, shut up.
[Harry leaves as Hermione continues to clutch Ron's hand and smiles tenderly at him.]
View Quote Luna: [regarding Harry's broken nose] Would you like me to fix that for you? I think you look a little devil-may-care this way, but it's up to you...
Harry: Um... have you fixed a nose before?
Luna: No, but I've done several toes. How different are they, really?
Harry: ...Okay, yeah, sure, give it a go.
Luna: Episkey!
[a loud crack is heard]
Harry: Augh...!
[rubs his nose gingerly; looks at Luna]
Harry: Well? How do I look?
Luna: Exceptionally ordinary.
Harry: ...Brilliant.
View Quote McGonagall: [to Harry, Ron, and Hermione] Why is it, whenever something happens, it is always you three?
Ron: Believe me, Professor, I’ve been asking myself the same question for six years.