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Hard Target

Hard Target quotes

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View Quote Boudreaux: It's always nice to see you.
Det. Marie Mitchell: You seem to have a real talent, Mr. Boudreaux, for attracting violence.
Boudreaux: Does that make me a bad person?
View Quote Emil Fouchion: [to Van Cleaf] Get the helicopter. Find Boudreaux. We'll set up an ambush this side of Bayou La Fouche.
Pick van Cleaf: I can take him from the air.
Emil Fouchion: Any pinhead can take him from the air. I want to take him from the ground!
Pick van Cleaf: I can take him from the air.
Emil Fouchion: Be a professional, Pick.
Pick van Cleaf: Hey, you're making a mistake here.
Emil Fouchion: Make sure he gets there, Pick.
View Quote Mr. Poe: Well, if it ain't my good friend Boudreaux. I thought you was gonna catha a ship.
Boudreaux: Maybe I'll stick around to run for mayor.
Natasha Binder: We're looking for someone who worked for you. The man's name is Douglas Binder.
Mr. Poe: I never heard of him.
Boudreaux: I think he know you.
Natasha Binder: Did he work for you, sir?
Mr. Poe: Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. I'm not too good with names.
Natrasha Binder: I have a photograph.
Boudreaux: What Mr. Poe trying to say, he is not too good with faces. Right?
Pick van Cleaf: Hello, Randal. I didn't know you had company.
Boudreaux: We were just leaving.
View Quote Uncle Douvee: We'll fix him up good. Put bandage on, it no hurt. Be strong, my boy.
Boudreaux: Douvee, I've got some people after me.
Uncle Douvee: I know. I can smell them.
Boudreaux: You've still got a .30-06, the one I gave you for you birthday?
Uncle Douvee: No. A gator ate it. But, uh, I've still got you shotgun.
View Quote [Boudreaux and van Cleaf reload his guns, and before shooting]
Pick van Cleaf: Boudreaux, Boudreaux, Boudreaux. I've been looking all over for you.
Boudreaux: You've been looking in the wrong places.
Pick van Cleaf: That's good, because I know you wouldn't want to... hurt my feelings.