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Halloweentown quotes

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View Quote Dylan: Why are you so obsessed with Halloween? I mean, it's just like Mom says: It gives little kids dumb ideas about there being magic. Like that helps them prepare for life. Personally, give me a good nature do****entary any day.
Marnie: [sarcastically] Halloween is cool, nature boy. I mean, it's exciting, strange and ancient. Plus, Mom and Dad met on Halloween.
Dylan: Shh! What are you trying to do? You know how talking about Dad always bums Mom out, I mean, why can't you pick some other holiday to get hung up on, like Arbor Day? Trees are important too, you know.
View Quote Gwen: I'm just trying to protect you.
Marnie: Yeah, you're protecting us from being anything but a bunch of vegetables. [sits down] Hey look! I'm a potato, are you happy now? Maybe I'll put down some roots in the carpet [mockingly] Oh no Marie, it's too dangerous! There're things about vegetables that YOU don't understand.
View Quote Gwen: You are not a witch.
Marnie: Oh, yes, I am, no thanks to you. You were going to let my powers go away forever.
View Quote Gwen: You can't go out tonight.
Marnie: Why?
Gwen: I have my reasons and I will explain them to you when you're taller.
Marnie: Mom, you've been saying that for like my whole life. It's just one night, what's the big deal?
View Quote Luke: Maybe we could go out for an ice cream. I know my way around town. I'm kinda like the big cheese here.
Marnie: I was hungry, but then I smelled something stinky... it must have been the Big Cheese!
View Quote Marnie: [sorting through the presents Aggie brought them] Hieroglyphics!
Gwen: [to Aggie] Mother!
Marnie: You know, these look like the ones from the Egyptian book of the dead!
View Quote Marnie: Hey, look, a pentagram! Lon Chaney had one of these on his palm when he got bitten by that werewolf.
Aggie: So he did, I've always said the movies can teach us about life.
View Quote Marnie: I'm getting that deja vu feeling again!
Dylan: You knew I was going to put on my shoe?
Marnie: No!