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View Quote Dade: You look good in a dress.
Kate: You would have looked better.
View Quote Kate: Are you challenging me?
Dade: Name your stakes.
Kate: If I win, you become my slave.
Dade: Your slave?
Kate: You wish! You'll do shitwork, scan, crack copyrights...
Dade: And if I win?
Kate: Make it my first born!
Dade: Make it our first date!
Kate: I don't DO dates. But I don't lose either, so you're on!
View Quote Kate: Why'd he come to you?
Dade: I got a record! I was 'Zero Cool'!
Nikon: Zero Cool? Crashed fifteen hundred and seven computers in one day? Biggest crash in history, front page New York Times August 10th, 1988. I thought you was black man. YO THIS IS ZERO COOL!
View Quote Mrs. Murphy: Dade?
Dade: Yeah Ma?
Mrs. Murphy: What are you doing?
Dade: I'm taking over a TV Network.
Mrs. Murphy: Finish up honey, and get some sleep. Happy Birthday.
View Quote Mrs. Murphy: What did you learn in school today?
Dade: Revenge.
View Quote Ram¤în "Phantom Phreak" Sanchez: So, uh, what's your interest in Kate Libby, eh? Academic? Purely sexual?
Dade: Homicidal.
Phreak: What's up, man? I'm the Phreak. [Dade simply looks at him] The "Phantom Phreak"? [Dade doesn't react] The "King of Nynex"? I know you play the game. [Starts to hand something to Dade] Here--
Joey Pardello: [runs up to Phreak and Dade, frantically] Phreak-Phreak-Phreak-Phreak-Phreak-Phreak! Dude-dude-dude-dude-dude-dude!
Phreak: [smacks Joey a few times to calm him down] Joey, Joey! One more "dude" outta you, and I'mma slap the shit outta you, ok?! Now I keep trying to save you from yourself, but you gotta stop letting your mama dress you, man! You're hopeless!
Joey: Look, I need a handle, ok? I don't have an identity if I don't have a handle.
Phreak: You know, you're right about that. [Phreak turns to Dade again and hands him a flyer] Check it, Friday. [Dade looks at the flyer while Phreak leaves with Joey following after him]
Joey: How about "The Master of Disaster"?
Phreak: You're hopeless, man. Utterly hopeless.
Joey: "Ultra Laser"? "Doctor Doom"?
View Quote The Plague: I'd like to make a treaty with you.
Dade: [confused] I'm sorry, who are you?
The Plague: I'm the one who understands you. Now, can we be allies?
Dade: [Ponders a moment before responding defiantly] Naaah. I don't play well with others.
View Quote The Plague: Our recent unknown intruder penetrated using the superuser account, giving him access to our whole system.
Margo: Precisely what you're paid to prevent.
The Plague: Someone didn't bother reading my carefully prepared memo on commonly-used passwords. Now, then, as I so meticulously pointed out, the four most-used passwords are: love, sex, secret, and... [Plague looks directly at Margo, who glares right back at him] god. So, would your holiness care to change her password?
View Quote [Dade, Phreak, and Cereal Killer arrive at an apartment building. The hallway they are in is marked heavily with graffiti]
Cereal Killer: Nice place, huh? [They stop outside a door, which Phreak knocks on]
Dade: You guys ever hear of a hacker called "Acid Burn"? Do you know who he is?
Phreak: Don't know who he is. [To Cereal] Do you? [Cereal merely shrugs. The door finally opens, revealing a man wearing a hooded cloak]
Phreak: Lord Nikon! This is... [Motions to Dade]
Dade: Crash Override.
Paul "Lord Nikon" Cook: Never heard of you. Done anything?
Dade: No. [Nikon promptly slams the door shut]
Phreak: [Bangs on the door] Come onnnn!
Cereal: Man, I hate this neighborhood.
Nikon: [Opens the door and sneers at Dade, asking mockingly] What, did your mom buy you a 'puter for Christmas? [Scoffs before looking to Phreak] Does he know anything?
Phreak: Sure, man. He's elite.
Nikon: [Regards Dade once more before stepping aside] Come in. [Dade, Phreak, and Cereal enter, but Cereal pauses]
Cereal: Yo, Nikon, can I crash at your place tonight?
Nikon: [sternly] Again? [Pushes his hood back to look at Cereal before eventually smiling and nodding] Yeah sure, man. [They both laugh and begin to mock-fight with one another, complete with exaggerated martial arts cries as Nikon shuts the door]
View Quote [Kate has seen that Dade is at her party and is not pleased]
Kate: [points at Dade while angrily addressing Phreak] What is he doing here?
Phreak: Relax, Burn. He's my guest.
Dade: [realizing who Kate really is] "Burn", you're Acid Burn. You booted me out of OTV.
Kate: [visibly confused] What?
Dade: [offers a handshake to Kate] I'm Crash Override.
Kate: [incredulously] You're the moron that's been invading my turf?!
Cereal: [clearly amused as he steps between Kate and Dade] Wait-wait-wait-wait! [Motions to Dade] "Crash [proceeds to motion to Kate] and Burn?!" [hoots and laughs]
View Quote FYI man, alright. You could sit at home, and do like absolutely nothing, and your name goes through like 17 computers a day. 1984? Yeah right, man. That's a typo. Orwell is here now. He's livin' large. We have no names, man. No names. We are nameless!
View Quote It's universally stupid, man!
View Quote Kid, don't threaten me. There are worse things than death, and uh, I can do all of them.
View Quote Mess with the best, die like the rest.
View Quote Never fear, I is here.