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The Grifters

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Lilly Dillon
Roy Dillon

View Quote Doctor: Miss Dillon, I'm sorry about our little disagreement on the phone. And I'm really sorry about your son. Well, it's hard to believe that such a strapping young man is your son.
Lilly Dillon: Never mind that, just take care of him.
Doctor: He's had, he's had an internal hemorrhage. He's bleeding to death.
Lilly Dillon: Well, make it stop!
Doctor: His blood pressure's under a hundred. I don't think he's going to make it to the hospital.
Lilly Dillon: You know who I work for.
Doctor: There's just so much I can do.
Lilly Dillon: My son is going to be all right. If not, I'll have you killed.
View Quote Lilly Dillon: I was hoping we could play it straight with one another.
Roy Dillon: I guess not.
Lilly Dillon: I guess you won't be getting a straight job, either.
Roy Dillon: Not this week.
Lilly Dillon: Not ever.
Roy Dillon: It's up to me. I'm strictly short con. It's nothing but small time stuff. I can walk away from it anytime I want.
Lilly Dillon: Where have I heard that before?
Roy Dillon: Yeah, but I'm in control.
Lilly Dillon: Sure. You're only 25 years old, already you can lay down four grand without even turning a hair. Grift's like anything else, Roy. You don't stand still. You either go up or down. Usually down, sooner or later.
Roy Dillon: Well, I'll let it be a surprise, then.
View Quote Lilly Dillon: You're working some angle, and don't tell me you're not because I wrote the book!
Roy Dillon: What about you? You still handling playback money for the mob?
Lilly Dillon: That's me. That's who I am. You were never cut out for the rackets, Roy.
Roy Dillon: How come?
Lilly Dillon: You aren't tough enough.
Roy Dillon: Not as tough as you, huh?
Lilly Dillon: Get off the grift, Roy.
Roy Dillon: Why?
Lilly Dillon: You haven't got the stomach for it.
View Quote Myra Langtry: I'm Roy's friend.
Lilly Dillon: Yes. I imagine you're lots of people's friend.
Myra Langtry: [taking a good look at Lilly] Oh, of course, now that I see you in the light, you're plenty old enough to be Roy's mother.
Lilly Dillon: Aren't we all?
Roy Dillon: Play nice. Don't fight.
View Quote Myra Langtry: My God, it's your mother. It's Lilly.
Roy Dillon: What?
Myra Langtry: Sure it is. That's why you act so funny around each other.
Roy Dillon: What's that?
Myra Langtry: Oh, don't act so god-damned innocent! You and your own mother? Ugh! You like to go back where you been, huh?
Roy Dillon: Watch your mouth.
Myra Langtry: Yeah, I'm wise to you! I should have seen it before, you rotten son of a bitch. How is it, huh? How do you like it-
[Roy slaps her so hard that she falls to the floor]
View Quote Roy Dillon: Do I get any say in this?
Myra Langtry: No! Because...
Roy Dillon: That's what I say. What I say is no. We don't do partners.
Myra Langtry: What is it? What's goin' on? Why don't you wanna team up?
Roy Dillon: The best reason I can think of is that you scare the hell out of me. I have seen women like you before, baby. You're double-tough and you are sharp as a razor, and you get what you want or else; but you don't make it work forever. Sooner or later the lightning hits, and I'm not gonna be around when it hits you.
View Quote Roy Dillon: I guess I owe you my life, Lilly.
Lilly Dillon: You always did, Roy.
View Quote Roy Dillon: It's great to get away, isn't it? Take some time off. Next week, I'll be back to work.
Myra Langtry: You already went back to work.
Roy Dillon: What?
Myra Langtry: I watched you, working the tat on those sailor boys.
Roy Dillon: Working the what?
Myra Langtry: Oh, come on, Roy, the tat. What you do for a living.
Roy Dillon: I'm a salesman.
Myra Langtry: You're on the grift, same as me.
Roy Dillon: Myra, I'm not following you.
Myra Langtry: Roy, you're a short-con operator... and a good one, I think. Don't talk to me like I'm another square!
View Quote Roy Dillon: Maybe I like it where I am.
Myra Langtry: Well, maybe I don't! I had ten good years with Cole, and I want them back! I gotta have a partner! I looked and I looked and believe me, brother, I kissed a lot of ****ing frogs, and you're my prince!
View Quote Roy Dillon: You talk the lingo. What's your pitch?
Myra Langtry: The long end, big con.
Roy Dillon: Nobody does that single-o.
Myra Langtry: I was teamed ten years with the best in the business, Cole Langley.
Roy Dillon: I've heard the name.
Myra Langtry: It was beautiful! And getting better all the time.
Roy Dillon: Is that right?
Myra Langtry: It is, Roy. It's where you should be. What do you bring in, $300, $400 a week? We used money like that for tips!
View Quote I gave you your life twice. I'm asking you to give me mine once.
View Quote Well, who's a boy gonna talk to if not his mother?