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The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet quotes

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View Quote Britt Reid: What did you think of my father?
Kato: He was fine.
Britt Reid: Come on. Just tell me.
Kato: He was my boss. Nobody loves their boss.
Britt Reid: Don't sugarcoat this, Kato. You're not gonna offend me. Just tell me, man to man.
Kato: He was a bit of a dick.
View Quote Britt Reid: You're Kato? Man, I thought your name was Henry. I thought the pool guy was Kato.
Kato: I'm Kato. I'm sorry to hear about your father. He was a...complex man.
Britt Reid: Yeah. I have two questions for you Kato, and then you can go home. Why is it that my dad's mechanic makes the coffee, and why is it that without you, the coffee tastes like crap?
Kato: I think it is easier if I show you.
View Quote Kato: I was born in Shanghai. You know Shanghai?
Britt: Love Japan!
Kato: My parents died when I was four. And until I was twelve, I lived in an orphanage.
Britt: Sorry, my mom died when I was young too. What, uh, what happened after that?
Kato: I made a few friends along the way, lived on the street.
Britt: How'd you start working for my dad? Tell me about that.
Kato: I work in a garage, and one day, your father came in a '65 Chrysler.
Britt: I know the car well.
Kato: He was so happy with my work, so he offered me a job. I said "yes!"
Britt: The coffee, how'd that come about?
Kato: He used to always say "No one can ever make me a good cup of coffee!"
Britt: Good impression.
Kato: So I built him the coffee machine.
Britt: Well, you make one damn fine cup of coffee, sir.
View Quote [first lines]
James Reid: [on the phone] Tell the Mayor, I'm insulted. I would never jeopardize the journalistic integrity of this newspaper for some rent-a-mayor's political agenda. [to his son] So Britt, here we are again. Sent home after another schoolyard fight. I know you miss your mother. So do I. But I have to take care of 750 employees, and you have to take care of yourself. Still that seems to be asking too much.
Young Britt: But I was trying to stop some bullies...
James Reid: [interrupting] Trying doesn't matter if you always fail.
View Quote [repeated line] Let's roll, Kato!