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The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman quotes

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Anne Wheeler
Charity Barnum
Jenny Lind
Philip Carlyle

View Quote Are we all invited?
View Quote It is hard to understand wealth and privilege when you're born to it.
View Quote No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.
View Quote The noblest art is that of making others happy
View Quote Yes, I do, indeed. Refunds are available at front box office.
View Quote You don’t need everyone to love you. Just a few good people.
View Quote Anne Wheeler: And what is your act, Mr. Carlyle?
Philip Carlyle: I don't have an act.
Anne Wheeler: Everyone has got an act.
View Quote Jenny Lind: Well, Mr. Barnum. making dreams come true.
P. T. Barnum: Thank you, Jenny. It's two hours to curtains.
Jenny Lind: I've given you the world, haven't I?
P. T. Barnum: I, I should go. I have become a distraction. I'm sorry, Jenny. You should finish your tour without me.
Jenny Lind: What? You're leaving?
P. T. Barnum: The itinerary is well in hand.
Jenny Lind: So that's it.
P. T. Barnum: What do you mean?
Jenny Lind: I'm just another one of your acts.
P. T. Barnum: Jenny.
Jenny Lind: I'm done.
P. T. Barnum: Jenny, Jenny, please. You have to finish the tour.
Jenny Lind: Must I?
P. T. Barnum: It will ruin me.
Jenny Lind: When you're careless with other people, Mr. Barnum... you bring ruin upon yourself.
Jenny Lind: I have risked everything.
P. T. Barnum: Well, so did I.
Jenny Lind: And seems we've both lost.
View Quote Jenny Lind: You are the American. I believe I might have heard of you.
P. T. Barnum: Oh, well, If you've heard of me all the way over here, I must have been doing something right.
Jenny Lind: That, or something very wrong.
P. T. Barnum: In the world of publicity there is hardly any difference.
Jenny Lind: I believe those are the words of a scoundrel, Mr Barnum.
P. T. Barnum: A showman, Miss Lind, just a showman. The best on my side of the Atlantic.
View Quote P. T. Barnum: Hey sweetie, who's that young man over there?
Charity Barnum: Oh that's Phillip Carlyle. A bit of a scandal, they say. His last play was a hit in London.
P. T. Barnum: Play? Pay good money to watch people stand around and talk for two hours and they call me a conman.
View Quote P. T. Barnum: Jenny, this is my wife Charity and our girls.
Jenny Lind: Of course, and I've heard so much about you. And your father tells me you are a fan of the ballet.
Caroline Barnum: Yes, I'm studying ballet.
Jenny Lind: Oh, are you?
Caroline Barnum: Of course I am.
P. T. Barnum: Of course she is.
Jenny Lind: And what about you, Helen?
Helen Barnum: You look like a princess, ma'am.
View Quote P. T. Barnum: This isn't the life I promised you.
Charity Barnum: But I have everything I want.
P. T. Barnum: What about the magic?
Charity Barnum: What do you call those two girls?
View Quote Philip Carlyle: Mr. Barnum, I can not just run off and enter into the circus.
P. T. Barnum: Why not? Sounds thrilling, isn't it?
Philip Carlyle: Let's just say that I find it much more comfortable...admiring your show from afar.
P. T. Barnum: Comfort, the enemy of progress.
Philip Carlyle: Do you understand that just associating with you could cost me my inheritance?
P. T. Barnum: Oh, it could cost you more than that. You'd be risking everything. But, on the other hand, well, you just might find yourself a free man.
View Quote Philip Carlyle: Sir, it looks like you have yourself a junior partner.
P. T. Barnum: What I have is an overcompensated apprentice.
View Quote Phillip Carlyle: I can’t just run off and join the circus.
P. T. Barnum: Why not? I mean you clearly have a flair for show business.
Phillip Carlyle: The show business?
P. T. Barnum: Mm-hmm.
Phillip Carlyle: I’ve never heard of it.
P. T. Barnum: Because I just invented it.