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Kowalski: Ryan, do you hear me? Do you copy?
Ryan: My CO2 alarm went off. My CO2 alarm went off.
Kowalski: Look, you need to board the station. Do you see the airlock? Hey, Ryan. You copy? Look for the airlock. It's above you, next to the Zvezda module. You see it?
Ryan: Yes, I see it. I see it.
Kowalski: All right, good. That's where you want to go. Now, you're getting lightheaded, right?
Ryan: Yeah. Yes.
Kowalski: That's because you're breathing CO2. You're losing consciousness. You need to board the station.
Ryan: Okay.
Kowalski: Now, that second Soyuz is too damaged for re-entry but it's perfectly fine for a little Sunday drive. Look to the West. You see that dot in the distance? That's the Chinese station. You're gonna take the Soyuz and you're gonna cruise over there. The Chinese lifeboat is a Shenzhou.
Ryan: I've never flown a Shenzhou.
Kowalski: It doesn't matter. It's reentry protocol is identical to the Soyuz.
Ryan: Okay.
Kowalski: You never flown the Soyuz either?
Ryan: Only a simulator.
Kowalski: Well, then you know.
Ryan: But I crashed it.
Kowalski: It's a simulator. That's what it's designed for.
Ryan: Every time. I crashed it every time.
Kowalski: You point the damned thing at Earth. It's not rocket science. And by this time tomorrow, you're gonna back in Lake Zurich with a hell of a story to tell. You copy? Ryan, you copy?
Ryan: I'm gonna take the Soyuz and come get you.
Kowalski: No, you're not.
Ryan: I'm coming to get you.
Kowalski: I've got to much of a head start on you.
Ryan: I'm coming to get you.
Kowalski: I'm afraid that ship already sailed. Ryan, you're gonna have to learn to let go.
Ryan: But I--
Kowalski: I want to hear you say you're gonna make it. Come on, Ryan. Say it.
Ryan: I'm gonna make it.
Kowalski: All right. Keep going. What kind of name is Ryan for a girl?
Ryan: Dad wanted a boy.
Kowalski: Are you close to the airlock?
Ryan: Not yet.
Kowalski: Keep going. So now that we have some distance between us, you're attracted to me, right?
Ryan: What?
Kowalski: Well, people say I have beautiful blue eyes.
Ryan: You have beautiful blue eyes.
Kowalski: I have brown eyes. Hey, you want to know the good news?
Ryan: What?
Kowalski: I'm gonna break Anatoly's record, and I think mine's gonna stand for a long, long time.
Ryan: Oh, no. I'm coming to get you.
Kowalski: Oh, my God...
Ryan: What?
Kowalski: Wow. Hey, Ryan?
Ryan: Yeah?
Kowalski: You should see the sun on the Ganges. It's amazing.

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