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Paulie: I don't want any more of that shit.
Henry: What shit? What are you talking about?
Paulie: Just stay away from the garbage, you know what I mean.
Henry: Look, Paulie?
Paulie: I'm not talking about what you did inside, you did what you had to do. I'm talking about now, from now, here and now.
Henry: Paulie, why would I want to get into that?
Paulie: Don't make a jerk out of me, just don't do it. Just don't do it. Now I want to talk to you about Jimmy, you have to watch out for him. He's a good earner but he's wild, takes too many chances.
Henry: Yeah I know that, I know Jimmy, you think I would take chances like Jimmy?
Paulie: And Tommy he's a good kid too. But he's crazy, he's a cowboy, he's got too much to prove. You gotta watch out for kids like this.
Henry: Yeah I know what they are, I only use them for certain things, believe me you don't have to worry.
Paulie: Listen, I ain't gonna get ****ed like Gribbs, understand. Gribbs is 70 years old and the ****in guy's gonna die in prison, I don't need that. So I'm warning everybody, everybody. It could be my son, it could be anybody. Gribbs got 20 years just for saying hello to some **** who was sneaking behind his back selling junk, I don't need that, ain't gonna happen to me, you understand?
Henry: Uh huh.
Paulie: You know that you're only out early because I got you a job. I don't need this heat, understand that.
Henry: Uh huh.
Paulie: And you see anybody ****ing around with this shit you're going to tell me, right?
Henry: Yeah.
Paulie: [slaps him] That means anybody!
Henry: Alright.
Paulie: Yeah?
Henry: Yeah, of course.

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