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Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!

Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas! quotes

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View Quote Amy: Do they seem a little weird to you?
Teddy: Yeah. Almost as weird as you eating a napkin for dessert.
View Quote Amy: For the last time, no!
PJ: [walking behind] She thinks that's going to be the last time.
Teddy: So I'm old enough to take care of Charlie but not myself? Mom, that doesn't make any sense!
Amy: Sweetheart, I'm your mother, I never make sense.
View Quote Bob: Uh, kids, very important.
PJ: Well, what?
Bob: The... thing that your mom said.
View Quote Gabe: Grandpa's lost his mind.
Bob: Well, it's one more thing he and Grandma have in common.
View Quote Gabe: Grandpa, how'd you get an antique like this?
Grandpa: I bought it new.
View Quote Small Town Cop: Just let it go, ma'am.
Amy: Oh, for the last time, I didn't hit anybody.
Small Town Cop: Yeah, I know. You were just gesturing for emphasis.
View Quote Teddy: [doing a selfie video] Guess what, Charlie? We're one day away from going on your first trip on an airplane, and celebrating our first Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's new condo in Palm Springs! You're going to have so much fun.
Amy: [nearby on the phone] No, no, no, Mom, you have to toddler-proof the place.
Teddy: [continuing her video] Just so long as you don't touch anything.
Amy: No, anything breakable has to be at least three feet off the ground.
Charlie: Uh-oh.
Amy: [broken vase at her little feet] Make that four. I gotta go. Charlie! Get back in here! No, no, no, stay away, there's shards everywhere! Are you eating a cookie in the living room? You get back here! And stay away!
View Quote Teddy: Look, I bought magazines at the bus station.
Amy: Yeah, I'm not really up for reading right now.
Teddy: Oh, don't worry, these are fashion magazines. They don't require any reading at all!