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Godfather, The: Part III

Godfather, The: Part III quotes

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Michael Corleone
Multiple Characters

View Quote Mary Corleone: [realizing she has been shot] Dad?
View Quote Mosca: Tell me what to do. Then I will tell you my price.
View Quote Vincent Mancini: Uncle Michael, listen - I know you're into banks and Wall Street, but everyone knows you're the final word, you're like the Supreme Court. All I want to do is protect you from these guys and your lawyers can't do that.
View Quote Archbishop Gilday: The Pope, is gravely ill. Until he recovers, I am powerless.
B.J. Harrison: What if he dies?
Frederick Keinszig: Then, as you Americans say, all bets are off.
View Quote B.J. Harrison: The Pope's doing exactly what you said he'd do, he's cleaning house.
Michael Corleone: He should be careful. It's dangerous to be an honest man.
View Quote Connie: Now they'll fear you. Michael.
Michael Corleone: Maybe they should fear YOU!
View Quote Don Altobello: [regarding Vincent] This is the hero who put Joey Zasa in his grave. If we'd known of his existence, we would never have backed Joey.
Don Lucchesi: No one wants another Joe.
View Quote Don Altobello: Treachery is everywhere.
Michael Corleone: You still have your fingers on the strings, even now.
View Quote Don Altobello: You are my 'ace in the hole,' as we say in America. I have a stone in my shoe. You can remove it.
Mosca: Only one stone?
Don Altobello: [regarding Michael] It's dangerous. A famous man. You will have to take precautions.
View Quote Don Lucchesi: It's not personal. It's business.
Michael Corleone: Very well. You want to do business with me. I will do business with you.
View Quote Johnny Fontaine: It's your favorite song, Michael, where you going?
Michael Corleone: I'm just gonna go into the kitchen and listen to some Tony Bennett records.
View Quote Kay: The sicker you get, the wiser you get, huh?
Michael Corleone: When I'm dead I'm gonna be really smart.
View Quote Mary Corleone: I'll always love you.
Vincent Mancini: Love somebody else.
View Quote Michael Corleone: [Vincent has told Michael what Joey has been saying behind his back] If there is some guy running around this city saying, "**** Michael Corleone," what do we do with a piece of shit like that? He's a ****ing dog.
Joey Zasa: [nervously] Yes it's true. If anyone would say such a thing, they would not be a friend. They would be a dog.
View Quote Michael Corleone: You hate me.
Kay: I don't hate you Michael, I dread you.