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View Quote Max Lawson: My access has been blocked.
Dana: So a satellite has a bad comm, that happens.
Max Lawson: Not a satellite, all of them.
Cheng: There’s potential for catastrophic weather events on a global scale. A geostorm.
Dana: [after Max solves Jake's coded message] Who came up with that encryption, a 12-year-old?
Max Lawson: No, I was 13.
Sarah Wilson: Seriously? We're kidnapping the president in a self-driving cab?
President Andrew Palma: You are implicating the Secretary of State in this. Do you realize you’re committing–
Max Lawson: Treason? Oh, yeah. I've kidnapped the president, I’ve stolen state secrets. (to Sarah) Yeah, anything I’m forgetting honey?
President Andrew Palma: Honey?
Max Lawson: Guilty.
[A bridge is about to collapse above them.]
Sarah Wilson: Hold on!
[Sarah manages to swerve the car away from the collapsing bridge.]
President Andrew Palma: Marry her.
Secretary Leonard Dekkom: How the hell did you–
President Andrew Palma: How? Because I'm the goddamn President of the United States of America. You're done, Leonard.
[they are immediately surrounded by Florida State Trooper cars and an Orlando Police helicopter.]
Sarah Wilson: He's all yours. [Releases Dekkom to two officers]
Secretary Leonard Dekkom: I've given you an opportunity, Mr. President, you should take it.
President Andrew Palma: An opportunity? Let him go! [The officers release Dekkom] It's GENOCIDE, Leonard!
Secretary Leonard Dekkom: You say "genocide", I say "pre-emptive strike".
President Andrew Palma: You've lost your mind!
Secretary Leonard Dekkom: Tomorrow, the sun will rise, all our enemies will be gone. Wiped away as if by the Hand of God.
President Andrew Palma: Why would you do this?
Secretary Leonard Dekkom: Because no-one else would. I'm turning the clock back to 1945, when America was a shining city on a hill, not just a bank disguised as a country.
President Andrew Palma: By playing God?
Secretary Leonard Dekkom: What the hell is Dutch Boy if not playing God? Ask Max, he knows. Science is all about playing God. Sometimes God doesn't play so nice.
Max Lawson: Yeah, well, you know what my brother would say?
Secretary Leonard Dekkom: What?
[Max punches Dekkom.]
View Quote Are you going back up to space?
View Quote Assistant Secretary Lawson, I'm not permitted to engage in casual conversation while I'm at a post. We are being watched. We're always being watched. [Max Lawson: Well, if we're always being watched, then what's the point of hiding anything?] You're interfering with my duties. I'd rather not shoot you. [Max Lawson: Well, it would be an honor to be the first person that you kill.]
View Quote Everyone was warned, but no one listened. A rise in temperature. Ocean patterns changed. And ice caps melted. They called it extreme weather. They didn't know what "extreme" was. In the year of 2019, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and droughts unleashed a wave of destruction upon our planet. We didn't just lose towns or beachfronts. We lost entire cities. The East River swallowed Lower Manhattan. A heat wave killed two million people in Madrid in just one day. But in that moment, facing our own extinction, it became clear that no single nation could solve this problem alone. The world came together as one. And we fought back. Scientists from 17 countries led by the U.S. and China worked tirelessly. Not as representatives of their nations. But of humanity. They found a way to neutralize the storms with a net of thousands of satellites each deploying countermeasures designed to impact the basic elements of weather, heat, pressure and water. All overseen by the International Space Station. They gave the satellite net a technical name, but we all came to call it Dutch Boy after the story of the child who plugged a dam with his finger. This is what saved us all. And it was built by a team led by one man: My father.
View Quote Having me and my brother lead the investigation was a setup from the start. I mean, think about it. He hired us to fail.
View Quote I don't need to remind you how many people died from catastrophic climate conditions.
View Quote It's worse than we thought.
View Quote Jake, if you can't stop it, no one can.
View Quote Not a satellite, all of them.
View Quote Thanks to a system of satellites, we can control our weather.
View Quote The President is the kill code.
View Quote Think of it like I'm taking a vacation.
View Quote This was my life's work, Max. You know, they said it was impossible, but we pulled it off. And it worked perfectly, without failing, day after day, year after year, so what do people do with it? Turn it into a gun.
View Quote To a place two hundred and fifty miles straight up and negative four hundred and fifty degrees. Some holiday.
View Quote United, we stand! United, we can!