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Georgia Rule

Georgia Rule quotes

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View Quote Lilly: Come on mother there was a time when you would pull me out by my hair for drinking.
Georgia: I'm to old for that and so is your hair.
Lilly: (to self.)[laughs]That was good.
View Quote Simon: (starts car) I don't like to talk.
Rachel: Perfect. I don't like to listen
View Quote Simon: Hey.
Rachel: Is for horses, better for cows, Pigs don't eat it cause they don't know how. What's your name?
Simon: Simon.
Rachel: Hmm.
Simon: I wasn't really going anywhere.
Rachel: That's where I'm going.
Simon: Where?
Rachel: Anywhere.
Simon: Well, I was going there alone.
Rachel: Well, now you're not. Consider yourself lucky.
Simon: I would if you weren't here.
Rachel: Hmm. Consider yourself stuck.
View Quote Simon: Well, this is home.
Rachel: Just drop me in town. Nice to know you, Simon.
Simon: You don't know me kid.
Rachel: Oh, I know you.
Simon: You do?
Rachel: I had my dress hiked, and my legs up, and you didn't look once. Not even for a second.
Simon: So, now you know me.
Rachel: No marriage ring. What are you, thirty, forty? You're gay.
Simon: Alright get out.
Rachel: I already asked you to let me out.
Simon: Now I'm tellin' ya.
Rachel:What are you talking about? You can't tell me what I've already asked.
Simon:Get out, just get out.
Rachel: (gets out of the car) I want my panties when you're done with them.
View Quote Simon: Would you put your legs back in my car?
Rachel: Oh? Changing the rules?
Simon: No, no, There were no rules- other than no parts of your body outside my car.
Rachel: Well, then can I talk to you?
Simon: Put your legs down.
:Rachel: You didn't say Simon Says- Simon.
Simon: I'm only going as far as Hull.
Rachel: Hull, Idaho? That's where I'm staying.
Simon: My luck. Now do you need to call someone or are you a surprise?
Rachel: I would but My mother cut my phone service. She's a gem. [throws her cell phone out of the car]
View Quote For a smart girl, you're good at stupid.
View Quote Georgia Rule.
View Quote Life is a whole less surprising when its all planed out.
View Quote Okay, see, I tried to be nice, but let me put this a different way because you're not really getting it right now. If you call me a name, if you throw something at me- ever again!- if I see you talking to Harlan, yelling at Harlan, having anything AT ALL to do with Harlan, I will find all of your boyfriends and I will **** them stupid. Okay? Get it? Thanks guys. [as she's walking away] Thanks for your time. Have a good summer!
View Quote She gave me oral sex… But we didn't kiss!