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Mrs. Stanhope: Well, of course he went back to the jungle. Where else would he go? The Hague?
Ursula: But why would he leave without saying goodbye?
Mrs. Stanhope: Well, personally, I think he acted rather sensibly. Showed good character. He understands that he belongs there, you belong here. It's really all a question of stripes and spots.
Ursula: What? [Realizes] Oh, no. You got to him. Mother, what did you say?
Mrs. Stanhope: I simply said that if he really cared for you, he'd leave you alone, let you get on with your life and marry Lyle.
Ursula: I am not marrying Lyle, Mother!
Mr. Stanhope: Beatrice, perhaps we should just...
Mrs. Stanhope: Arthur! Now, Ursula, darling, don't be ridiculous. There's a big difference between marriageable material and a fling in the jungle.
Ursula: "A fling in the jungle"? A fling in the jungle? Who says I had a fling in the jungle?
Mrs. Stanhope: You don't think you can fool your mother, do you? You've been head over heels for that ape ever since you brought him here. Now, Ursula, that kind of love is fleeting. You'll get over it.
[Ursula realizes something]
Ursula: Did you just say love?
Mrs. Stanhope: [Scared] No.
Ursula: You did.
Mrs. Stanhope: Ursula!
Ursula: You're right.
Mrs. Stanhope: Don't say it!
Ursula: I love him. I'm outta here.
Mrs. Stanhope: Ursula, you can't love him! Arthur, say something!
Mr. Stanhope: Be careful out there, honey.
Mrs. Stanhope: What?!
Ursula: Goodbye, Daddy. [Hugs him]
Mr. Stanhope: I love you.
Mrs. Stanhope: What?!
Ursula: I love you, Mom. Thank you. [Leaves]
Mrs. Stanhope: Ursula! Arthur, do something!
Mr. Stanhope: What would you have me do? There's obviously no stopping her.
Mrs. Stanhope: Oh, God! [Drinks a sip of her drink and leaves] URSULA!!
Mr. Stanhope: [under his breath] God, that woman's a pain in the ass.
[Cut back to the jungle]
Narrator: Meanwhile, halfway across the road, another ass was feeling pain, as an ape named Ape was caged in a cage, hoping to hear the jungle king's awesome... [The sound of George yelling is heard] Hey, I'm pretty good at that. ...and wondering if he would ever come. But the motion-sick mammal needn't have moaned, for that defender of the innocent, protector of the weak, and all-around good guy, George of the Jungle, was closer than he knew.

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