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[Brenner is questioning Colonel Robert Moore, Captain Elisabeth Campbell's commander at Psychological Operations]
CW4 Brenner: Did you work together on a daily basis?
COL Moore: Absolutely.
CW4 Brenner: Did you, uh, play together?
COL Moore: What a truly excellent question. You see, here at Psy Ops, that's one of the things that we teach. Threatening quietly. Think of the echoes inherent in those four simple words: "Did you play together?" Did you go out with her? Did you **** her? Did you love her? If you did, did you love her so much that you murdered her?
CW4 Brenner: I meant did you play golf, or tennis, or checkers, or something.
COL Moore: No, you didn't.
CW4 Brenner: No, I didn't.
COL Moore: So now we both know we're smart guys. Do you think I'm involved in this?
CW4 Brenner: One way or another, yes, I do.
COL Moore: Then wouldn't it behoove me to retain the services of an attorney? I know a good one.
CW4 Brenner: Two problems there. First, the obvious: there are no good ones. Second, you're not a civilian, Colonel. You're in the Army. You have no right to an attorney, you have no right to remain silent. And if you don't cooperate I may have to put you in jail, and that would make me feel bad.
COL Moore: You see what you're doing here?
CW4 Brenner: Looking for answers?
COL Moore: Of course, that. But how? How? You're trying to make me like you. And you know what? It's working; I do. But you see what I'm doing now? I'm trying to make you like me, too.
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