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Gattaca quotes

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Anton Freeman
Antonio Freeman
Jerome Eugene Morrow
Marie Freeman
Vincent Freeman

I bet I could be an astronaut, if I wanted.

I got the better end of the deal. I only lent you my body - you lent me your dream.

I know he'll do something. You'll do something.

I took my mind off the pain by reminding myself that when I eventually did stand up, I'd be exactly two inches closer to the stars.

I was never more certain of how far away I was from my goal than when I was standing right beside it.

I'm proud of you, Vincent.

I'm traveling, too.

If at first you don't succeed... try, try again.

In a few short years, scientists will have completed the Human Genome Project, the mapping of all the genes that make up a human being. We have now evolved to the point where we can direct our own evolution. Had we acquired this knowledge sooner, the following people may never have been born: Abraham Lincoln — Marfan Syndrome
Emily Dickinson — Manic Depression
Vincent Van Gogh — Epilepsy
Albert Einstein — Dyslexia
John F. Kennedy — Addison's Disease
Rita Hayworth — Alzheimer's Disease
Ray Charles — Primary Glaucoma
Stephen Hawking — Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Jackie Joyner-Kersee — Asthma Of course, the other birth that may never have taken place is your own...

Is it the only way you can succeed is to see me fail?

It's funny: you work so hard, you do everything you can to get away from a place, and when you finally get your chance to leave, you find a reason to stay.

It's not too late to back out. This is the last day you're gonna be you and I'm gonna be me.

Just remember that I was as good as any, and better than most. I could have gone up and back, and nobody woulda been the wiser.

Mine's already ten thousand beats overdue.

My real resum? was in my cells.