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The Game Plan

The Game Plan quotes

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Joe Kingman
Monique Vasquez

View Quote Joe: [speaking with a very evident lisp]What did you put in those cookies?
Peyton: Um, milk, flour, eggs, cinnamon.
Joe: Cinnamon? I'm allergic to cinnamon!
Peyton: I'm sorry.
Joe: You're sowry? I'm talking like this and all you can say is you're sowry?
Peyton: I'm allergic to nuts.
View Quote Joe: I thought you were dead.
Karen: I can assure you I am not dead.
View Quote Joe: I'm going to take my daughter home.
Peyton: Daddy you won the championship!
Joe: Aw, Peyton. I won much more than that.
View Quote Joe: I'm not giving you 28 grams of empty carbohydrates. We do not do simple sugars in this house.
Peyton: But I'm a kid and kids love sugar. I mean, the simpler, the better.
Joe: Well, my dad never let me have sugar.
Peyton: Aww. Is that why you never smile?
View Quote Joe: Well, who are you here with?
Peyton: My father.
Joe: Well, you better go get him, because I'm sure he's looking for you.
Peyton: He's not looking for me.
Joe: How do you know?
Peyton: Because he's looking at me.
Joe: What?
Peyton: Hi, we've never met before, you were married to my mom, Sara. Sara Kelly. My name is Peyton. I'm your daughter.
View Quote Joe: You get into people's minds, JUST LIKE HER!
Peyton: Well, at least I have a mind, otherwise I'd be JUST LIKE YOU!
View Quote Joe: You need to be a mom to do this stuff.
Monique: I don't know about that. True, mothers are smarter, kinder, and better at just about everything...
View Quote Peyton: Stupid is a mean word.
Kyle: No it isn't.
Peyton: Yes it is.
Kyle: No it isn't.
Peyton: Yes it is.
View Quote [to Joe] Ballerinas can jump just as high as you but when they come down they come down in plies, and then they stand pointe, and they stand like that for hours. If ballet was easy, it would be called football.
View Quote Fathers are the ones that pick you up and give you the courage to do stuff you never thought you could.
View Quote I have an answer for your question Peyton. Win or lose today, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me.
View Quote You don't get abs like these eating peanut butter patties.
View Quote You've been playing kid your entire life. And I just joined the Dad team.