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Fritz the Cat

Fritz the Cat quotes

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View Quote Fritz: [pointing at the pigs] There's the one who keeps the bosses in power! He's the one who's holding you down!
Pig Cop #1: Who, me?
Ralph (Pig Cop #2): You!
Pig Cop #1: No, no, not me, YOU!
Ralph (Pig Cop #2): No You!
Pig Cop #1: No You!
Ralph (Pig Cop #2): You, You, You!
Pig Cop #1: Me!
Ralph (Pig Cop #2): Not me, YOU!
Pig Cop #1: Yeah you!
Ralph (Pig Cop #2): You!
Pig Cop #1: **** you!
Ralph (Pig Cop #2): You first!
View Quote Fritz: I know about the race problem - I've studied the race problem!
Duke: You don't know nothing about the race problem! You've got to be a crow to know about the race problem!
View Quote Fritz: Why'd you have to hit her so hard for?
Lizard Leader: She loved it. Listen man, me and you have been assigned to blow up the power plant. That's all I care about. The Revolution.
[She turns on the radio and Fritz turns off the radio]
Fritz: You're full of shit! All you care about is a reason to hurt, to destroy, to blow up!
View Quote Fritz: You're a mother****ing bitch!
Winston: I see the hard facts of life! I am realistic, something you're incapable of! You'd be better off with one of those stupid little morons like Charlene who you could just sleep with and throw away when you're done! You can't cope with a mature woman!
View Quote Harriet: Hi.
Fritz: How are you?
Harriet: High.
View Quote Ralph (Pig Cop #2): Let me call 'em preverts!
Pig Cop #1: What's a "prevert"?
Ralph (Pig Cop #2): A prevert is a degenerate! Didn't you know that?
Pig Cop #1: A prevert's a degenerate?
Ralph (Pig Cop #2): Didn't you have no bringing up?
Pig Cop #1: I got bar mitzvahed.
[Ralph laughs]
View Quote [the car breaks down; and Fritz gets out to inspect it - he opens the trunk first]
Fritz: No, I knew that - the engine's not here, it's in the back...
[goes to look at the engine]
Winston Schwartz: What's wrong, Fritz?
Fritz: Well, it's all very complicated Winston, ah, I think it's got the piston rod stuck in the drive shaft... either that or the carburator's rusted out... or something.