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Free Willy

Free Willy quotes

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View Quote Dial: God, I hate that whale!
View Quote Dial: Nobody steals a whale.
Wade: (on phone) But I'm telling you the whale is gone. The trailer's out of there, the forklift's been moved. That big–mouthed trainer and that Indian must've done it.
Dial: This is a disaster.
Wade: Why?
Dial: (realizing about the whale that Jesse, Rae and Randolph took) Because we don't have theft insurance on the whale, that's WHY! Call Wilson. Tell him to bring his crew down.
View Quote Jesse: [knocking on the door] Randolph! Randolph, wake up! Randolph, wake up! Randolph, wake up! Wake up! Wake up! [Randolph opens the door] There's a hole in Willy's tank. [Jesse and Randolph enter the tank] They're trying to kill Willy!
Randolph: Was Wade with them?
Jesse: Yeah, and they dropped this!
Randolph: It's part of the tank. Dial's trying to collect the insurance money. Willy's worth a million dollars.
Jesse: A million dollars? Randolph, let's free him.
Randolph: What?
Jesse: Let's free Willy! We can take him down at the bay and put him back in the water.
Randolph: I never liked this job anyway.
View Quote Jesse: So how much are they paying you to be my jailer?
Glenn: Jailer, huh? Yeah well, I'm making such a great deal on you, you wouldn't believe it. You're a regular cash cow, kid. With that, plus $1,000,000, I guess I could probably retire by the time I'm 300 years old.
View Quote Perry: They looking for me?
Jesse: Nah.
View Quote Randolph: 300 years ago, there were so many fish in the water. My people only had to spend one day a week gathering food, and everybody ate like kings.
Jesse: So what'd they do the rest of the time?
Randolph: Carved and painted totems, made music, told stories. Made babies.
Jesse: Sounds good to me.
View Quote (Glen tells them where to find the winch to free his trapped truck to Randolph's amazement)
Randolph: Behind the seat? That's the only place I didn't look.
View Quote Dwight, shut up and leave me alone!
View Quote I'm sick of this place! I'm going to find my mom!
View Quote Let's free Willy!