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Carol Fisher: Well, you've made quite a day of it, haven't you?
John Jones: Now, listen...
Carol Fisher: Making fools of Scott Ffolliott and me in front of the local police, broken into my bedroom and disgraced me before a very important friend of my father's. What are your plans now, may I ask?
John Jones: I'll tell you if you wait just a...
Carol Fisher: You might at least have had your clothes on.
John Jones: Take it easy. This is serious. I've got to talk to you.
Carol Fisher: I've seen your serious business. What're you doing here?
John Jones: I'm escaping.
Carol Fisher: Escaping from what?
John Jones: From a couple of fellas in my room about to kill me.
Carol Fisher: May I ask who?
John Jones: Two gentlemen disguised as policemen, waiting to take me for a ride.
Carol Fisher: You're talking through your hat.
John Jones: But I'm not talking through my hat. I've thrown a monkey wrench into some international dirty business, whatever it is. I know Van Meer's alive. That's the reason they want to kill me.
Carol Fisher: I can think of others.
John Jones: Now look, you've got to help me. Not for my sake alone, but this is the biggest story in Europe.
Carol Fisher: Look! Your childish mind is as out of place in Europe as you are in my bedroom.
John Jones: Get over there. You see what you're doing?
Carol Fisher: All this is going straight back to London and will be common gossip by tomorrow. I don't care for myself, but my father's engaged in a great work. He's trying to help avert a war, a dreadful war, and this is just the sort of thing to discredit him. I know you care nothing about our work. All you're interested in is having fun with windmills and hotel bathrooms.
John Jones: You don't believe I'm in trouble?
Carol Fisher: You'll be in lot of trouble if you don't get out. Now for the last time, please go.
John Jones: Okay. But I want you to know exactly what's going to happen when I do go. I'll go back to my room and get dressed. I'll try and shake those two fellows off, but I won't succeed. They'll stick to me like a couple of tattoo marks until they get me. They'll stop at nothing. I seem to know too much. And you're right. I don't know the ins and outs of your crackpot peace movement. And I don't know what's wrong with Europe. But I do know a story when I see one. And I'll keep after it until either I get it or it gets me. Sorry you have those derogatory opinions of me...but I guess that can't be helped. So long. It's been nice knowing you.

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