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Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice quotes

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View Quote Juliana: You have done well, my son. The North village has fallen. We have won!
Nekron: I want to thank you, mother.
Juliana: The great plain is all that stands between ourselves and Firekeep.
Nekron: That is a long distance!
Juliana: A distance we may not have to travel. I am sending our envoys to Jarol with our new demands.
Nekron: He will not submit.
Juliana: Perhaps. [to envoy] You will present our demands to King Jarol at Firekeep. And, uh...give our royal regards to his lovely daughter.
View Quote Don't hunt for death, boy. It finds us all soon enough.
View Quote If you're gonna kill the ice lord, boy, you'd better learn to live with pain.
View Quote Long ago, at the end of the last great Ice Age, there arose in the North a powerful queen. Her name was Juliana, and her ambition was to extend her realm to all the regions of the known world. To this end, she gathered an army and she bore a son, and named him Nekron. And him she tutored in the black arts and in the powers of the mind. And when Nekron came of age and attained mastery of those powers, together they seized control of the region of ice. And from their castle, called Icepeak, they sent a giant glacier rumbling southward. No village or people could stand against its relentless onslaught. And so the remnants of humanity fled South and huddled for warmth among the volcanoes of a mountain region ruled by a generous King named Jarol, from his fortress which men call Firekeep. And still Nekron pushed the ice ever southward into the temperate zone toward Firekeep. And no one dared guess of the outcome of a meeting on the field of battle between fire and ice.
View Quote Perhaps I can turn this to my advantage. Otwa, my son, go and bring the sub-humans, Nekron's dogs. Tell them we have the girl that he wants. Tell them he can have her...for a price.
View Quote Tell me your secrets. Nekron? Nekron?! The girl is wanted by Nekron?!!