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The Final Destination

The Final Destination quotes

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Hunt Wynorski
Lori Milligan
Nick O'Bannon

View Quote [After Nick sees omens around him.]
Lori: [to Nick] What do you think, babe?
[Nick does not respond.]
Lori: [to Nick] Hey, uh, space cadet, you wanna come back down to Earth? [She and Janet laugh.]
Nick: What if we didn't change anything?
Janet: What are you talking about?
[The scaffold falls on the road, causing a heavy truck to swerve to the café.]
Nick: What if us being here right now was the plan from the beginning?
[They turn around as the truck breaks into the café and kills them.]
View Quote [Samantha walks to the exit of the beauty salon.]
Samantha: All right, boys, come on.
[Her children do not respond as she turns to them.]
Samantha: Let's go! Get in the car!
[The boys obey.]
Samantha: I've got my eye on you two.
[As Samantha leaves, the lawnmower's rotor propels one of the shingles that her sons have thrown before. The shingle enters her head through the right eye, splattering it on her two sons. As her dead body collapses on the floor, the witnesses begin to scream.]
View Quote [About man's ability to change Death's plan.] What if we didn't change anything? What if us being here right now was the plan from the beginning?
View Quote [In the final scene of the film, 50 seconds before the death of the three remaining characters.] There's a place right next to Brevig's. It just opened.
View Quote [While tossing his lucky coin.] Go ahead, Janet. Kiss it. It's your choice—heads or tails—but you know I like head.