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Rose: Why don't you go ahead and let the boy play football, Troy? He just wants to be like you with the sports.
Troy: I don't want him to be like me. I want him to get as far away from my life as he possibly can get. You the only decent thing that ever happened to me, Rose. I wish him that. But I don't wish him nothin' else from my life. I decided seventeen years ago that boy wasn't gonna get involved in no sports - not after what they did to me in the sports.
Rose: Why don't you just admit you were too old for the major leagues - for once, why don't you just admit that?
Troy: Stop tellin' me I was too old. I just wasn't the right color. Hell, I'm 53 years old and do better than Selkirk .269 right now.
Rose: How are you gonna play ball when you are over 40? Sometimes I can't get no sense outta you.
Troy: I got good sense, woman, I got sense enough not to let that boy get hurt playin' no sports. You're motherin' the boy too much. worryin' about whether people like him or not.
Rose: Everything that boy do, he do for you. He want you to say, "good job, son". That's all.
Troy: Ain't got time for that, Rose. He's alive, he's healthy. He's got to make his own way; I made mine! Ain't nobody gonna hold his hand when he get out there in the world!
Rose: Times have changed, Troy. People change. The world's changin', and you can't even see it.
Troy: Woman, I do the best I can do. I come in here every Friday, I carry a sack of potatoes and a bucket of lard. You all line up at the door with your hands out. I give you the lint from my pockets; I give you my sweat and my blood. I ain't got no tears; I done spent them. We go upstairs in that room at night, I fall down on you and try to blast the whole into forever. I get up Monday morning, find my lunch on the table, go out and make my way, find my strength to get me through to next Friday. That's all I got, Rose. All I got to give. I can't give nothin' else!

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