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[Castor walks into the FBI observation room as Wanda and Buzz watch Pollux eating a gourmet meal, singing opera, and waving his utensils like a conductor]
Buzz: Sir, we just wanted you to know....
Wanda: We're all really sorry about Tito.
Castor Troy: [sips his coffee] Oh, hey, shit happens, you know. So is our star witness talking?
Buzz: Yeah, about what kind of mustard he likes on his tongue sandwiches.
Wanda: That bomb is out there. We're almost out of time.
Castor Troy: [bites his lip] Hmmm.... [A door flies open and Lazarro comes into the room]
Victor Lazarro: Archer! [Castor turns to Lazarro] You made a deal with Pollux Troy. That isn't like you.
Castor Troy: Well, when all else fails, fresh tactics! [winks at Lazarro]
Victor Lazarro: Fresh? Let me tell you my fresh tactic: from now on, everything to do with this case goes through me, you understood?
Castor Troy: Hmmm.
Victor Lazarro: Good! Thanks.
[Lazarro leaves the office. Castor switches off the interrogation room video camera. Pollux rises as Castor comes in, chuckling]
Castor Troy: [turns off the recorder] You're supposed to be snitching and making me look good!
Pollux Troy: Look good?
Castor Troy: Mmm-hmm. [Castor sits down on the edge of the table]
Pollux Troy: Seeing that face on you makes me afraid my tiramisu might come back up.
Castor Troy: Well think about me. This nose. This hair. This ridiculous chin. [sighs] Brother, we're going straight.
Pollux Troy: Ooh, my goodness. Did you exchange brains as well?
Castor Troy: The first thing I need you to "confess" to is the location of the bomb.
Pollux Troy: What about our $10 million?
Castor Troy: What about "when I become an American hero for defusing the bomb?" What's that worth? Know that, thank you! Next question!
[The two laugh. Castor grins and wags a finger in Pollux's face]
Castor Troy: You're not the only one in the family with the brains.
Pollux Troy: No. Although now I am the only one with the looks.
Castor Troy: Touché.

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