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[Archer is posing as Castor at Erwhon when a guard opens his cell door]
Guard: You've got a visitor.
[Cut to Archer entering the visitor's room. The magnetic boots clamp into place. A door then opens, revealing Castor Troy with Archer's old face. As they exchange looks, Castor smirks. He then ****s his head, walks across the room, and eventually breaks into a wide grin]
Castor Troy: Oooooo-WEE, you're good lookin'! Ya hot!
[Castor steps towards Archer]
Castor Troy: It's like looking in a mirror, only not. [Castor walks around Archer]
Sean Archer: Troy?
Castor Troy: Now that is between us. OK?
Sean Archer: But you were--were, were, in--in--in-
Castor Troy: In a coma?
Sean Archer: --in-in-in-
Castor Troy: Nothing like having your face cut off to disturb your sleep! Read the newspaper lately? [thrusts an article in Archer's face headlined "Deadly Inferno at Walsh Institute", with Dr. Walsh's picture]
Sean Archer: You killed them?
Castor Troy: Yeah well. Beats paying the bill, huh? I mean, come on, uh, if a face lift costs five grand...[shows Archer's wedding ring on his hand] SEE ANYTHING YOU LIKE!!??? [In his mind, Archer pictures Tito, bound and gagged alongside Miller and Dr. Walsh, being doused with gasoline]
Sean Archer: Tito! [In a flashback, Castor drops his cigarette lighter into a puddle of gasoline, sparking a large inferno]
Castor Troy: I torched all the evidence that proves you're you, okay? So, wow! [looks at watch] Looks like you're going to be in here for THE NEXT HUNDRED YEARS!! Now, I have got to go. I've got a government job to abuse and [whispers into Archer's ear] a lonely wife to ****. Oh, I'm sorry...make love to! God, I miss that face! [He licks the side of Archer's face. Archer promptly grabs Castor by the neck, throws him to the floor, and attempts to strangle him]

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