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[Archer sits down to interrogate Sasha]
Sean Archer: Hello, Sasha. When was the last time you saw Castor Troy?
Sasha Hassler: Who cares? He's dead.
Sean Archer: Answer the question.
Sasha Hassler: I know my rights. I don't have to answer shit.
Sean Archer: You're right. But know this: you're a convicted felon, on probation for harboring Castor Troy. One phone call from me and your son will end up in a foster home. [beat]
Sasha Hassler: [takes a deep breath] I understand why you would use such a threat. But you try to take him away from me, I swear to you....I haven't seen him for years.
[Archer looks at her for a moment. He then gets up and goes to another interrogation room where Dietrich is sitting]
Sean Archer: This reeks of you. It's got your signature all over it. [Dietrich gives a hard look at Archer]
Dietrich Hassler: Maybe. But you ain't got nothing on me, and you know it.
Sean Archer: Maybe so. But I can keep you within city limits, or I can talk to your sister again. She's right outside. [Archer backs away from Dietrich] Only this time, I'll be nice. [He walks around the table Dietrich is sitting at]
Dietrich Hassler: Hey, Sean, how's your dead son?
[Dietrich breaks out laughing. Archer suddenly pushes him to the floor by the neck and jams his pistol into Dietrich's eye]
Dietrich Hassler: I don't know anything! Okay! Okay, I heard something about the 18th, but that's all I know! [Archer puts his pistol away]

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