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Evil Dead (2013)

Evil Dead (2013) quotes

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View Quote Abomination: [pretending to be Mia from basement] Natalie?
Natalie: Mia?
Abomination: [crying] Natalie? What am I doing down here? My leg hurts, I can't move.
Natalie: I'm gonna come down there, okay?
Abomination: Why did you lock me down here? You were supposed to help me.
Natalie: We're trying to help you, okay? But you grew out of control, Mia. You got violent and we didn't know what else to do... Mia, I think something really terrible has happened, and we have to get out of here now, okay?
Abomination: You don't understand. He's not gonna let you leave, and he's not gonna stop till he has you. Until he has all of you!
View Quote Abomination: [pretending to be Mia] Why do you hate me, David? I know you do. You left home. You left me all alone with our sick mother... And I was just a kid. You made me lie. Every time she screamed your name I told her you were coming to see her, like you promised. But you never did. I know mother hates you now. And she waits for you in hell.
View Quote Abomination: I can smell your filthy soul. [bites Natalie in the hand, cuts her own tongue with a boxcutter and grabs Natalie] Kiss me you dirty ****!
View Quote Abomination: I will feast on your soul!
Mia: Feast on this, mother****er!
View Quote Abomination: Where do you think you're going, you junkie whore?
View Quote Abomination: Why don't you come down here so I can suck your ****, pretty boy?
David: Mia?
Abomination: Mia's not there you ****ing idiot! Your little sister's being raped in hell!
View Quote Abomination: You're gonna die here, you pathetic junkie!
Mia: I've had enough of this shit.
View Quote David: [while patching up Natalie after she cuts off her arm] Everything's gonna be okay. You're fine.
Eric: Your girlfriend just cut her ****ing arm off! Does that sound fine?!
View Quote Eric: [after seeing Olivia, who is possessed after cutting out her cheek] Oh, my god! Why the **** did you do that?
View Quote Eric: [possessed] He's coming.
View Quote Eric: [reading from the Naturom Demonto] Kunda... Estrata... Montose... Conda.
View Quote Mia: Promise, you'll stay till the end.
View Quote Natalie: [after cutting off her infected arm] I feel better now.
View Quote Natalie: I had to do it. I feel much better now.
View Quote Olivia: I.. um? I...? I gave her sedatives so she should be out for a couple of hours. [worried] But... ****, her burns are serious. Like, second, third degree.
Eric: This is so wrong.
Olivia: Well, nobody could have known she would do something so twisted!
Natalie: No, you should have known! We've all been following your lead since we got here! We should have left when Mia wanted to.
David: [to Natalie] Baby, please. [turns to everybody] Okay, let's not lose our heads, okay? With any luck, it'll stop raining in a couple of hours, and we'll be able to cross the creek in the morning and we'll take her to a hospital, okay? Everything's gonna be fine.
Eric: "Everything's gonna be fine"? Everything's gonna be fine. I don't know if you've noticed this, but nothing has been fine. And everything's been getting worse every second.