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Ernest Scared Stupid

Ernest Scared Stupid quotes

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View Quote Elizabeth: So in the hours just before midnight, the people of Briarville buried Trantor the Troll in the cold, damp ground. The end.
Teacher: Thank you, Elizabeth. Class, what did you think of her report?
View Quote Ernest as a lumberjack: There ain't no trees in Botswana. Nuh uh, I know. I AM a Botswanian lumberjack, and I ain't never had a job...
View Quote Ernest: Gosh, Rimshot! Pretty soon, the kids won't have to worry about eating their Brussel sprouts because the Brussel sprouts will be eating them!
View Quote Ernest: How 'bout a bumper sandwich, Boogerlips? Eh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh
View Quote Ernest: I never knew when to quit. Just ask my fourth grade teacher.
View Quote Ernest: [about the troll] He looked like a big giant Mr. Potato Head. Except he was shaped more like a watermelon.
View Quote Ernest: [as the old lady] A little nasal hygiene will go a long way young man. Here you go! [dumps milk on a troll] Be grateful, little trolls in China don't even get milk.
View Quote Ernest: [being attacked by the troll] Help, help! May day! May day! Christmas Day! Colombus Day!
View Quote Kenny: Ernest, I know. What we need is...a tree house!
Ernest: I thought we needed dress shields.
View Quote Old Lady Hackmore: [to Kenny] Sometimes, you've got to do what YOU know is right, no matter what anybody tells you.
View Quote Teacher: So, uh, Elizabeth, what was the curse the troll put on Phineas?
Elizabeth: Well, legend has it that from that moment on, Phineas' descendants would get dumber and dumber... and dumber.
View Quote Trantor: Bring me the head of Ernest P. Worrell!
View Quote Trantor: You will pay for the sins of your forefathers!
Ernest: I didn't have four fathers! I only had one father and I didn't know him that well!
View Quote [repeated line]
Ernest's fourth grade Teacher: He never knew when to quit.
View Quote [when seeing Trantor the Troll for the first time]
Ernest: Ahhhhh! Boy, I sure hope you're from Keebler!
Ernest: You better back off. You don't wanna fight me, I know tai chi, kung fu, chow mein, and I saw Hulkamania three times once in slow mo.