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View Quote Bomba: I don't know how much your mother told you about my work.
Mary Katherine: Um, she... Nothing. Just that you have a delusional belief in an advanced society of tiny people living in the woods. And it... Well, it ruined your career. Not to mention your marriage. [Bomba looks at her with a hurt expression] Or something.
Mary Katherine: Talking snails.
Mub: [referring to Grub] Actually, he's a snail. I'm a slug. No shell over here, baby. It just slows me down.
Mary Katherine: Who are you people?
Ronin: We are the Leafmen, protectors of the forest.
[Bufo's goons are beating up Nod after he goes back on a deal.]
Nod: Is that the best you got?
Goon: [punches Nod really hard] How's that?
Nod: [weakly] Better.
Bufo: Nod, you know I like you.
Nod: Yeah, I like you too, Mr. Bufo.
Bufo: And yet, you don't do what we agreed. We agreed that you would lose, but then you win.
Nod: Now, I can't help it if I'm fast. You want me to lose, you got to give me some better competition.
Bufo: It's called teamwork. Maybe if you understood that, the Leafmen wouldn't have kicked you out.
Nod: They did not kick me out! I quit!
Bufo: [chuckles] I admire your independent spirit, Nod. I miss that. [to his goons] Feed him to something. A snake would be good.
Ronin: [appears] Nah, snakes just swallow you whole. Now if you put him in a hornet's nest, that's a show.
Bufo: Oh, look, it's Ronin, defender of the weak, pooper of parties, here to ruin the fun. [gestures for his goons to let Nod go]
Ronin: I didn't ruin all of it. I let you hit him.
Nod: [annoyed] Twice!
Ronin: [to Bufo] Hop along now, little froggie.
Bufo: Easy, Ronin. It's a big forest out there. Even Leafmen gotta sleep.
Bufo: Hey, if this is a bad time, I can come back when you're done gardening. [Mandrake's guard pokes him] Oh! Hey!
Mandrake: I imagine you're wondering why I invited you here.
Bufo: I was frog-marched here at spear point. [Mandrake's guard pokes him again] Ah! How is that "invited"?
Mandrake: [shrugs] I let you keep your legs.
Bufo: [chuckles] Comedy. Terrific. Funny psychopath.
Mandrake: There are rumors that the Leafman Ronin was at your place of business, and that he may have rescued a royal pod.
Bufo: [chuckles] Real smooth. You got rid of the queen, but let her pod get away. [chuckles] Plus your idiot general gets himself mulched.
Mandrake: [angry] That idiot general... [shouting] WAS MY SON!
[He destroys a tree, frightening Bufo]
Bufo: [stuttering] Uh, of course he was. He had your good looks, and your healthy grey complexion, and forgiving nature.
Mandrake: Shut up! What's it gonna be, Bufo? Are you gonna talk, or are you gonna croak? [Bufo whimpers] Where are they taking the pod?
[from trailer]
Nod: What happened? You got shrunk?
Mary Katherine: Yes!
Nod: Seriously?
Ronin: It's been a weird day for everybody.
[from trailer]
Mandrake: You just can't stop the rot.
Mub: Ugly says "What?"
Mandrake: What?
Mub: Nothing. [snickers along with Grub]
[M.K. and Nod have just escaped a Boggan attack]
Mary Katherine: What was that thing?!
Nod: What, you've never seen a Boggan? Someone had a happy childhood.
Mary Katherine: Dad? I had the most messed-up dream. There were talking slugs and tiny little soldiers and-- [gasps]
Grub: Hello!
Mary Katherine: Aw, man!
[After Mandrake captures Mub and Grub with the pod, Ronin blames Nod for letting them escape and he puts his foot down]
Ronin: [angrliy, pushing Nod into the wall] Stay with the Pod, that's all you Have to do.
Nod: Yeah, but I just thought if..
Ronin: Do you ever think about anyone besides yourself?! .
Mary Katherine: It wasn't all his fault!.
Ronin:And You! I expected as much from him. But I thought you would know better.
Nod: We're really sorry, okay?. We just...
Ronin: I don't want to hear it. That was the last part of the queen that I h----. That any of us will ever have. [walks away]
[At the Boggan headquarters, after Mub, Grub, and the pod have been kidnapped]
Mandrake: My son was born on a night like this. These were his baby fangs. And here's the first skin he ever molted. He was big for a larva. He took after his mother.
Mub: [whines] Oh, your stories are boring and tortureous!
Mandrake: The Leafmen took him from me! So I took something of theirs. It's basic etiquette. An eye [pokes Grub's eye] for an eye. [pokes Mub's eye]
Mub: Jerk!
Mandrake: Your pod will bloom here. And when the pod blooms in darkness, it belongs to the darkness. I'll destroy the forest with the very thing you hoped would save it.
[Mub and Grub laugh]
Grub: I hate to break it to you, but it doesn't say that in the scrolls!
Mandrake: It does in the part I have. [shows the piece of scroll that he took from Nim's tree]
Mub and Grub: D'oh!
Nim Galuu: Let's see. Moonlight comes in here, moves along here, reaches the pod here. At the moon's highest peak, only time it can bloom.
Grub: Do you know what this means?
Mud: We single-handedly saved the forest! Eye five! Down low! Too slow!
Nod: So, when the pod opens, what happens to you?
Mary Katherine: I think I go home.
Nod: Well, I... I guess this is...
Mary Katherine: Yeah, I guess it is.
Grub: Mandrake's bats!
Mary Katherine: They're not attacking. They're just... blocking out the moon.
[from trailer]
Nod: [referring to Bomba] This guy's been crashing around the forest for years.
Mary Katherine: He's my dad!
Ronin: You're kidding. [Nod laughs; Mary Katherine shoves him in frustration] You're not kidding.
Mary Katherine: [as she is being pulled away from Nod as she starts to grow] What's happening?
Nim Galuu: [points to Tara's successor] A queen brought you here... how about a queen send you back?
Flower Kid: [last lines, as she concentrates on using her new found powers] Ummm... [gasps]... It's Working!
View Quote [repeated line] Ozzy, no kisses.
View Quote [to Bomba] You have bat sounds in your I-pod? Why?
View Quote [to M.K.] C'mon! You're with us now!
View Quote [to M.K.] Hey, I'm Nod by the way.
View Quote [to M.K.] Out! Jump OUT!
View Quote [to M.K.] You're riding with me, [to Nod] you're with the slugs.
View Quote [to Nim] I'm not from this world.
View Quote [to Nod] Hi. M.K. Yeah.
View Quote [to Queen Tara during a Boggan ambush] Your majesty, get to the barge!
View Quote Actually, he's a snail. I'm a slug. No shell over her baby, it's slows me down.
View Quote Aw, COME ON!
View Quote It's a mouse!
View Quote Oh, look, it's Ronin, defender of the weak. Pooper of parties. Here to ruin the fun.
View Quote That idiot general was my son! Shut up!