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Elvis Presley: What now?
Colonel Tom Parker: What's this?
Elvis Presley: Oh, that's a demo for the finale. Where'd you get it?
Colonel Tom Parker: It's not a Christmas song, is it. It's one of them long-haired hippie, Communist American hatin' protest songs.
Elvis Presley: Actually, it's more like a gospel style. It's a new direction, Colonel. I like it, and uh, I'm doing it.
Colonel Tom Parker: What's going on here, Elvis?
Elvis Presley: Oh, just a few other new directions, Colonel. I'm gonna tour again. Europe this time. And I don't care that you got some birth certificate problem or uh... your an illegal alien, some folks say. And after Europe, I don't know. Japan. Who knows.
Colonel Tom Parker: Why are you being like this?
Elvis Presley: Cuz I don't wanna be bored anymore, Colonel! I don't wanna sing another song that I don't believe in! I don't wanna make another movie that I don't care about! This TV thing has me excited for the first time in years. I'm having fun with my music and I don't wanna lose that feeling.
Colonel Tom Parker: A feeling? I'm not sending you out on some ****amamie tour just because of some feeling.
Elvis Presley: Then I'll find somebody who will.
Colonel Tom Parker: Son, let me explain some things to you. We have a contract...
Elvis Presley: You always told me your contract can be re-negotiated, broken if need be. Well, maybe its about time we tour up this contract.
Colonel Tom Parker: That's what you want? After all my years of dedication to you and your career? All my work?! You ungrateful hillbilly! I knew you'd betray me!
Elvis Presley: Watch your mouth, you old phony!
Colonel Tom Parker: Get out of my office!
Elvis Presley: You get out of my office! I payed for this office! You're fired!
Colonel Tom Parker: You can't fire me. I quit!
Elvis Presley: I'm holding a press conference this afternoon to tell 'em your fired, you old carny!
Colonel Tom Parker: Go ahead! But if you wanna end our business relationship, your going have to pay up what you owe me.
Elvis Presley: Fine. Write me a bill.
Colonel Tom Parker: I was expecting something like this, so I uh, I prepared some do****ents. [takes out a file case from under his desk] There's money I've advanced you. Then there's uh, bookings that I haven't taken my full commission from! Then there's expenses, future monies to deal with, movie profits... I get a percentage of the residuals on them too, and the records! Then there's uh, there's other items of mutual interest! So you wanna be free of me, [hands out a contract form] you're going to have to pay for the privilege.
[short pause, Elvis takes the form and walks out]

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