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View Quote Girl in carriage: Pentru că morţii umblă repede. Translation: For the dead travel fast.
View Quote R.M. Renfield: Sângele este viaţa! Translation: The blood is the life!
View Quote R.M. Renfield: I'm no lunatic man. I'm a sane man fighting for his soul.
View Quote Bride 1: [After Dracula confronts the Brides for seducing Harker,] N-ai nimic pentru noi seară astă? Translation: Have you nothing for us tonight?
View Quote Bride 1: [When Mina and Van Helsing are camped out side of the castle] Sora nostră. Translation: Our sister.
View Quote Bride 2: [When Mina and Van Helsing are camped out side of the castle] Åži apoi venim noi! Translation: And then we will come!
View Quote Jack Seward: (about Lucy's illness) Something just sucked [her blood] out of her and... flew away, I suppose?
Van Helsing: Ja. Why not?
View Quote Van Helsing: (about Lucy) She was in great pain. We cut her head off and drove a stake through her heart and burned her, and she found peace.
Jonathan Harker: (choking into his wine) Doctor!
View Quote Quincey Morris: And may I say that Miss Lucy is hotter than a June bride riding bareback buck naked in the middle of the Sahara!
Arthur Holmwood: I would watch my colonial tongue if I were you.
View Quote [after Dracula returns to the Castle to find Elisabeta is dead]
Cesare: Sufletul ei nu poate să fie salvat. Ea este blestemată. Astă e legea lui Dumnezeu.
Dracula: Renunţ! Renunţ la Dumnezeu!
Cesare: Her soul cannot be saved. She is damned. It is God's law.
Dracula: Renounce! I renounce God!
View Quote [after Dracula discovers the brides have seduced John Harker]
Bride 1: Tu n-ai iubit niciodată.
Dracula: Nu-i adevărat. Şi eu pot să iubesc, şi o să iubesc din nou.
Bride 1: You never loved.
Dracula: It's not true. I too can love, and I will love again.
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