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Dracula (1979)

Dracula (1979) quotes

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Count Dracula

View Quote Count Dracula: [hears wolves howling] Listen to them, the children of the night. What sad music they make.
Lucy Seward: Do you think it's sad?
Count Dracula: So lonely, like weeping.
Lucy Seward: I think it's a wonderful sound. I really love the night. It's so simple.
Count Dracula: So deceptive.
Lucy Seward: So exciting.
Count Dracula: You take the dawn for granted. The warm hot sunlight. Ah, but the night...
Lucy Seward: was made to enjoy.
Count Dracula: Yes. Yes, it was. It was made to enjoy life... and love.
View Quote Count Dracula: Jonathan Harker tells me you speak some Romanian.
Lucy Seward: Well, hardly, I know...
Count Dracula: Ar fi frumos să te văd zâmbet.
[Lucy smiles]
Count Dracula: There, you do understand.
Lucy Seward: [still smiling] Not really. I have no idea what you said.
Count Dracula: I said it would be nice to see you smile.
Lucy Seward: [pause] Then you should be pleased.
Count Dracula: Oh, I am. But I must warn you to take care.
Lucy Seward: Whatever for?
Count Dracula: If, at any time, my company does not please you, you will have only yourself to blame for an acquaintance who seldom forces himself but is difficult to be rid of.
View Quote Count Dracula: Lucy, come! Come to me!
[Lucy runs into Dracula's arms, and he embraces her]
Count Dracula: Now, you must go on a bit longer as of a creature of this earth. Only until we have left behind those who would destroy us.
Lucy Seward: And then?
Count Dracula: Then you will join me on a higher plane feeding on them. We will create more of our kind, Lucy.
View Quote Count Dracula: You are a wise man, Professor, for someone who has not yet lived a single lifetime.
Prof. Abraham Van Helsing: You flatter me, Count.
Count Dracula: But not wise enough to return to Holland at once, now that you have learned what you have learned.
Prof. Abraham Van Helsing: I prefer to remain.
Count Dracula: In the past 500 years, Professor, those who have crossed my path have all died, and some not pleasantly. Come here! [raises his hand to hypnotize Van Helsing]
[Van Helsing take hypnotized steps towards Dracula but soon steps back, resisting Dracula's power over him]
Count Dracula: Your will is strong. Then I must come to you.
[Van Helsing reaches out for his eucharist as Dracula lunges towards him]
Count Dracula: Sacrilege! Sacrilege! [snarls and turns into a wolf to escape]
View Quote Dr. Jack Seward: [sending a message to Van Helsing over the phone] Mina has died. No, not lied... died! Telegraph or come at once. Your dear friend on this saddest of occasions, Jack Seward. [hangs up the phone] Yes, I do hope the professor gets it. That poor, poor man.
Lucy Seward: Poor Mina.
Jonathan Harker: Do you think it was her heart?
Lucy Seward: Or that pain in her head last light?
Dr. Jack Seward: I don't know. It's been so long since I've practiced real medicine.
Jonathan Harker: Well, what do you think killed her?
Dr. Jack Seward: Killed her? That's an odd word. Yet, there was no sign of disease.
Jonathan Harker: What about those marks on her neck?
Dr. Jack Seward: Marks on her neck? Perhaps she injured herself from fastening her shawl.
Lucy Seward: Oh, father, don't be absurd! You saw those wounds!
View Quote Dr. Jack Seward: Count, some wine? You haven't...
Count Dracula: No thank you, Doctor. I never drink wine.
Lucy Seward: Before you arrived, we were looking at the ship's log.
Count Dracula: It wasn't lost at sea?
Lucy Seward: No. The very last entry was a strange word, a word that Mina thought meant "undead".
Count Dracula: Undead?
Mina Van Helsing: Yes. "Nosferatu".
Count Dracula: Ah, it means "not dead".
Lucy Seward: Then you were right.
Count Dracula: No, with your permission and all due respect to Miss Van Helsing. Yes, I'm quite finished, thank you. There is a distinction, the words "not dead" carry the simple meaning.
Mina Van Helsing: Dead... undead... I don't care! They all frighten me!
Lucy Seward: Oh, I love to be frightened!
Count Dracula: Do you?
View Quote Lucy Seward: [talking about Dracula] He's no danger to me.
Jonathan Harker: He's a monster, a vampire!
Lucy Seward: You fools, all of you!
Prof. Abraham Van Helsing: She means to warm him.
Lucy Seward: Jonathan, if you try to stop me, I shall kill myself.
Abraham Van Helsing: I charge you on your living soul, Lucy Seward, that you do not die or think of death until this great evil which has fouled your life is true dead himself!
Lucy Seward: You dare try to confuse me! Tormenting him who is the saddest, the kindest of all!
Prof. Abraham Van Helsing: Kind? If I could send his soul to everlasting, burning hell, I would!
Lucy Seward: I despise you, all of you. Get out of my way!
View Quote Milo Renfield: I'm a slave, I'm a dog, master. But please don't kill me. For the love of God let me live.
Count Dracula: Did I not promise you that you should come to me at you death, and enjoy centuries of life and power over the bodies and souls of others?
Milo Renfield: But I don't want human life.
Count Dracula: You betrayed me. You sought to warn them all against me.
Milo Renfield: Then punish me, torture me, I deserve it. But please don't kill me.
Count Dracula: Oh, Renfield, you disappoint me so. [breaks Renfield's neck]
View Quote [to Lucy] Now it is you, my best beloved one. You will be flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood. You shall cross land or sea to do my bidding. I need your blood. I need...
View Quote You fools! Do you think with your crosses and your wafers you can destroy me? Me! You do not know how many men have come against me. I am the king of my kind! You have accomplished nothing, Van Helsing. Time is on my side. In a century, when you are dust, I shall wake and call Lucy, my queen from her grave.