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Young Girl Passenger: [reading from a Transylvanian tourist brochure] "Among the rugged peaks that crown down upon the Borgo Pass are found crumbling castles of a bygone age."
Lucy Weston: Lofty timbers, the walls around are bare, echoing to our laughter as though the dead were there... Quaff a cup to the dead already, hooray for the next to die!
Martin: The doctor's pet looney is loose again.
Sailor: Why, he's mad! Look at his eyes! Why, the man's gone crazy.
Martin: On your way, old fly-eater!
Martin: Strike me down dead, doctor! He's got me going!
View Quote Count Dracula: I am Dracula.
Renfield: Oh. It's really good to see you. I don't know what happened to the driver and my luggage,and... well, and with all this, I thought I was in the wrong place.
Count Dracula: I bid you welcome.
[Dracula goes up the stairs. Renfield starts to follow him. Suddenly, Dracula hears wolves howling.]
Count Dracula: Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make.
[Dracula goes up the steps, and waits for Renfield, who without difficulty, cuts open a huge spider's web using his walking stick.]
Count Dracula: The spider spinning his web for the unwary fly. The blood is the life, Mr. Renfield.
Renfield: Why, er... yes.
View Quote Renfield: He came and stood below my window in the moonlight. And he promised me things, not in words, but by doing them.
Abraham Van Helsing: Doing them?
Renfield: By making them happen. A red mist spread over the lawn, coming on like a flame of fire! And then he parted it, and I could see that there were thousands of rats, with their eyes blazing red, like his, only smaller. Then he held up his hand, and they all stopped, and I thought he seemed to be saying: "Rats! Rats! Rats! Thousands! Millions of them! All red-blood! All these will I give you! If you will obey me!"
Abraham Van Helsing: What did he want you to do?
Renfield: That which has already been done! [giggles sinisterly]
View Quote Mina Seward: [doing an impression of Dracula] "It reminds me of the broken battlements of my own castle in Transylvania." [chuckles] Oh, Lucy, you're so romantic!
Lucy Weston: Laugh all you like. I think he's fascinating.
Mina Seward: Oh, I suppose he's all right. But give me someone a little more normal.
Lucy Weston: Like John?
Mina Seward: Yes, dear, like John.
Lucy Weston: [dreamily] Castle... Dracula...Transylvania!
Mina Seward: Well, Countess! I'll leave you to your count and his ruined abbey!
[Both giggle]
Mina Seward: Good night, Lucy.
Lucy Weston: Good night, dear.
View Quote Count Dracula: Van Helsing.
[Van Helsing turns to face Dracula]
Count Dracula: Now that you have learned what you have learned, it would be well for you to return to your own country.
Abraham Van Helsing: I prefer to remain and protect those whom you would destroy.
Count Dracula: You are too late. My blood now flows through her veins. She will live through the centuries to come, as I have lived.
Abraham Van Helsing: Should you escape us, Dracula. We know how to save Miss Mina's soul if not her life.
Count Dracula: If she dies by day. But I shall see that she dies by night.
Abraham Van Helsing: And I will find Carfax Abbey torn down, stone by stone, excavated a mile around. I will find your earth-box and drive that stake through your heart.
Count Dracula: Come here.
[Dracula raises his hand to hypnotize Van Helsing.]
Count Dracula: Come here.
[Van Helsing takes three hypnotized steps towards Dracula but soon steps back, resisting Dracula's power over him.]
Count Dracula: Your will is strong, Van Helsing.
[Van Helsing reaches out for his crucifix as Dracula looms toward him.]
Count Dracula: More wolfbane?
Abraham Van Helsing: More effective than wolfbane, Count.
Count Dracula: Indeed.
[Dracula lunges towards Van Helsing. Van Helsing holds up the crucifix. Dracula snarls and turns away. Van Helsing, in triumph, puts away the crucifix.]
View Quote Maid: He's crazy!
Martin: They're all crazy. They're all crazy except you and me. Sometimes I have my doubts about you.
Maid: Yes.
View Quote Count Dracula: To die, to be really dead, that must be glorious!
Mina: Why, Count Dracula!
Count Dracula: There are far worse things awaiting man than death.
View Quote Abraham Van Helsing: You'll die in torment if you die with innocent blood on your soul.
Renfield: God will not damn a poor lunatic's soul. He knows that the powers of evil are too great for those with weak minds.
View Quote Count Dracula: This is very old wine. I hope you will like it.
Renfield: Aren't you drinking?
Count Dracula: I never
View Quote Abraham Van Helsing: Gentlemen, we are dealing with the undead.
Scholar: Nosferatu.
Abraham Van Helsing: Yes, Nosferatu.
View Quote Martin: Ain't you ashamed now? Ain't you? Spiders now, is it? Flies ain't good enough!
Renfield: Flies? Flies?! Poor puny things! Who wants to eat flies?!
Martin: You do, ya loony!
Renfield: Not when I can get nice fat spiders!
Martin: All right, have it your own way.
View Quote Renfield: Oh, Dr. Seward! Send me away from this place! Send me far away!
Abraham Van Helsing: Why are you so anxious to get away?
Renfield: My cries at night, they might disturb miss Mina.
Abraham Van Helsing: Yes?
Renfield: They might give her bad dreams, professor Van Helsing. Bad dreams.
[A wolf starts howling. Meanwhile, at Carfax Abbey, Count Dracula leaves his coffin.]
[Back at Dr. Seward's office]
Abraham Van Helsing: That sounded like a wolf.
Dr. Jack Seward: Yes, it did. But I hardly think there are wolves so near London.
Martin: He thinks they're wolves. Me, I've heard them howl at night before. He thinks they're talking to him! He howls and howls back at them. He's crazy!
Abraham Van Helsing: I might have known. I might have known.
View Quote Abraham Van Helsing: What have you to do with Dracula?
Renfield: Dracula? I've never even heard the name before.
View Quote Renfield: I hope I've brought enough labels for your luggage.
Count Dracula: I'm taking with me only three, uh... boxes...
Renfield: Oh, very well...
View Quote Maid: Oh, Mr. Harker! Oh, Mr. Harker, it's horrible! Oh, it's horrible! Dr. Seward! Miss Mina... Out there, dead!
Dr. Jack Seward: Out where?
Maid: Out there!
View Quote Renfield: Isn't this a strange conversation, for men who aren't crazy?
Dr. Jack Seward: Renfield! You're compelling me to put you in a straitjacket!
Abraham Van Helsing: You forget, doctor, that madmen have great strength. Dracula has great strength. Eh, Renfield?
Renfield: Words, words, words!
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