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Hans Krebs: The enemy made a breakthrough. They took Zossen and are advancing towards Stahnsdorf. They're at the northern city border, between Frohnau and Pankow. In the east, they reached Lichtenberg, Mahlsdorf and Karlshorst.
Adolf Hitler: With Steiner's attack, that will be all right.
Krebs: My Führer, Steiner...
Alfred Jodl: Steiner couldn't gather enough forces for the attack. Steiner's attack didn't proceed.
Hitler: [pauses to take off his glasses] The following stay in the room: Keitel, Jodl, Krebs and Burgdorf. [The four named generals, along with Goebbels and Bormann, remain in the room as the others leave.] That was an order! Steiner's attack was an order! Who are you to dare disobey my order? [Hitler's ranting is clearly audible outside the room] So this is what it's come to: the military lied to me. Everybody lied to me, even the SS! The entire general command is nothing more than a bunch of vile, faithless cowards!
Wilhelm Burgdorf: My Führer, I can't accept that the soldiers who bled for you—
Hitler: They're cowards! Traitors! Failures!
Burgdorf: My Führer, what you're saying is outrageous!
Hitler: The general command are the pests of the German people! [flings a pencil onto the table] They're without honor! You call yourselves generals because you spent years at a military academy, only to learn how to hold a knife and fork! For years the entire military has hindered my campaigns. It has only put every kind of resistance in my way. I would have done well years ago to liquidate all the senior officers like Stalin! I never went to the academy. And yet I alone — all on my own — conquered all of Europe. Traitors! From the very beginning I've been only betrayed and deceived. Such enormous betrayal of the German people! But all these traitors will pay. They will pay with their own blood! They will drown in their own blood!
Traudl Junge: [to Gerda, outside the room] Gerda, please calm yourself.
Hitler: [calms down] My orders were spoken into the wind. It is impossible to lead under these cir****stances. It's over. The war is lost. But gentlemen, if you think that I'll leave Berlin for this, you're greatly mistaken. I'd rather shoot a bullet through my head. Do what you will.
Otto Günsche: We cannot find Gruppenführer Fegelein. He is not in the bunker.
Adolf Hitler: What's that supposed to mean, you can't find Fegelein? Then look for him! I want to see Fegelein at once! If he left without orders, it's desertion, treason! Bring me Fegelein! [pounding the table] Fegelein, Fegelein, Fegelein!
Adolf Hitler: Frau Junge, Frau Christian, get changed. In one hour, a plane will take you south. Everything is lost, completely lost.
Eva Braun: You know I'll stay with you. You can't send me away.
Traudl Junge: I'm staying too, my Führer.
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