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The Kid: Sarge! There's a storeroom to the south. It's got, like, 20 people holed up inside of it. We gotta do something.
Sarge: Your orders were to clear that sector. Is it cleared?
The Kid: No, I told them to stay put. They're okay, just scared shitless.
Sarge: We kill 'em all. Let God sort 'em out.
The Kid: [Uncertain] This is wrong! I don't think-
Sarge: Son! You don't think! That's an order. We're in the field, soldier.
John "Reaper" Grimm: Sarge, if nothing's found them...
Sarge: You will obey the order of your commanding officer.
The Kid: [Hesitates, then answers firmly] No.
Sarge: Now.
The Kid: Go to Hell.
[Sarge raises his assault rifle and shoots The Kid in the throat; he falls on his back.]
John "Reaper" Grimm: No! [He rushes to The Kid, but the rookie Marine dies moments later.]
Gregory "Duke" Schofield: Holy shit!
Sarge: Mutinous insurrection... is punishable, by death.
John "Reaper" Grimm: It was his first mission!
Sarge: And it's not gonna be my last! I need soldiers! I don't need anybody else, but soldiers!
[Reaper closes The Kid's eyes and stands up, assault rifle in his hands. Sarge and Reaper glare at each other.]
Pinky: [Nervously, aiming a pistol] Drop the weapons! I have no intention of being killed by a madman! Drop the weapons!
[The surviving Marines turn to look at Pinky; Sarge starts looking past him.]
Pinky: What? [Pauses] Aw, there's something behind me, isn't there-
[A monster grabs Pinky, throws him around, and drags him off down the darkened passageway. Pinky screams and struggles the whole time. Sarge opens fire with his assault rifle and quickly pursues as the creature disappears around a corner with Pinky.]
Sarge: On me!

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