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Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon quotes

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Sonny Wortzik

View Quote Leon: He won't listen to anybody. He's been very crazy all summer. Since June he's been trying to kill me.
View Quote Maria's Boyfriend: He's got my girl in there! Maria!
View Quote Pizza Boy: I'm a ****ing star!
View Quote Agent Sheldon: I want them all.
Sonny: I want to talk to Leon.
Agent Sheldon: I want to come in, and see if everybody's okay.
Sonny: You got guts. You think if Sal and me have cut their throats we're gonna let you out?
Agent Sheldon: I have to see.
View Quote Moretti: Hey, man, I'm sorry.
Sonny: How'd that happen?
Moretti: They got his girlfriend in there. You know the Spanish.
View Quote Sal: Tell the TV to stop saying there's two homosexuals in here.
Agent Sheldon: I will, Sal.
View Quote Sonny: [after being attacked by Maria's boyfriend] Who the **** is that?!
Moretti: I don't know. He-he's one of the Spanish kids.
Sonny: Who's Maria?
Moretti: They got her inside.
View Quote Sonny: Hey, wait a minute, what are you trying to do? Trip the alarm? Use the spare key?
Mulvaney: It must have been on my mind.
Sonny: Well, you'll get your mind right. I'm a Catholic, and I don't want to hurt anybody, understand?
Mulvaney: Yes, sir.
Sonny: No alarms! No alarms!
Mulvaney: Okay.
Sonny: No games, alright? Use the other one.
View Quote Sonny: I don't wanna talk to some flunky pig tryin' to calm me, man.
Det. Moretti: Now you don't have to be calling me pig for...
Sonny: [notices other officers moving toward him] What is he doin'?
Det. Moretti: [shouts at officers] Will you get back there?!
Sonny: What are you movin' in there for?!
Det. Moretti: [runs toward closing officers] Will you get the **** back there?! Get back there, will ya?!
Sonny: [addresses other cops moving toward him] What's he doin'? Go back there man! He wants to kill me so bad, he can taste it! Huh? Attica! Attica! Attica!! Attica!! Attica!! Attica!! Attica!! Attica!! Attica!! Attica!
[the crowd cheers]
Sonny: Attica!! Attica!! Remember Attica?!
Note: the line in bold ranked #86 in the American Film Institute's list of the top 100 movie quotations in American cinema.
View Quote Sonny: I'm robbing a bank because they got money here. That's why I'm robbing it.
Anchorman: No, what I mean is why do you feel you have to steal for money? Couldn't you get a job?
Sonny: Uh, no. Doing what? You know if you want a job you've got to be a member of a union. See, and if you got no union card you don't get a job.
Anchorman: What about non-union occupations?
Sonny: What's wrong with this guy? What do you mean non-union, like what? A bank teller? You know how much a bank teller makes a week? Not much. A hundred and fifteen to start, right? Now are you going to live on that? A got a wife and a couple of kids, how am I going to live on that? What do you make a week?
Anchorman: Well I'm here to talk to you, Sonny...
Sonny: Well I'm talking to you. We're entertainment, right? What do you got for us?
Anchorman: Well, what do you want to get for it? Do you expect to be paid because...
Sonny: No, I don't want to be paid, I don't need to be paid. Look, I'm here with my partner and nine other people, see. And we're dying, man. You know? You're going to see our brains on the sidewalk, they're going to spill our guts out. Now are you going to show that on television? Have all your housewives look at that? Instead of As the World Turns? I mean what do you got for me? I want something for that.
Anchorman: Sonny, you could give up.
Sonny: Give up? Right. Have you ever been in prison?
Anchorman: No!
Sonny: No! Well. let's talk about something you ****ing know about, okay? How much do you make a week? That's what I want to hear. Are you going to talk to me about that?
Anchorman: Sorry, this has been interrupted.
Sonny: Hey, what the **** happened?
Mulvaney: I guess he didn't appreciate your use of language.
Sonny: **** him.
View Quote Sonny: Kiss me, man.
Moretti: What?
Sonny: Kiss me. When I'm being ****ed, I like to get kissed a lot.
View Quote Sonny: So, Sal, Where do you want to go?
Sal: Wyoming.
Sonny: Sal, Wyoming, that's not a country.
View Quote [to Detective Sergeant Eugene Moretti] Bank robbing is a federal offense. You got me on kidnapping, armed robbery. You're gonna bury me, man!
View Quote [to his mother] I'm a ****-up and I'm an outcast! If you get near me you're gonna get it- you're gonna get ****ed over and ****ed out!
View Quote [to Salvatore "Sal" Naturile] That's all they're interested in - it's a freak show to them. I can't control it, Sal - let 'em say what they want. Forget it. It don't matter.