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Dodsworth quotes

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Sam Dodsworth

View Quote Sam: She's dropped the divorce. She's going home on the Rex day after tomorrow from Naples. I've got to go with her.
Edith: I won't let you.
Sam: What else can I do?
Edith: I won't let you go back to her.
Sam: I know this is a jolt. It's a jolt to me too.
Edith: I won't see you killed by her selfishness.
Sam: You don't understand. It'll be tough on her with all the talk there'll be.
Edith: I love you, and she doesn't. You're miserable with her.
Sam: I know.
Edith: A moment ago, you had the whole world in your hands. I won't let her take it away from you.
Sam: She's not taking it away.
Edith: You were a young man a minute ago. I know everything's starting again. You shriveled the same way, every letter you got from her.
Sam: I can't think.
Edith: You're wrong to go back...
Sam: Please, be fair. She's in a hole. She needs me.
Edith: She does not need you, and you might think of me.
Sam: I am thinking of you.
Edith: One word from her, and you trot back.
Sam: You've got to be patient with me.
Edith: What is this hold she has over you?
Sam: I've got to take care of her. A man's habits get pretty strong in 20 years. I'll go into town and make the reservations. It's giving you up that hurts.
View Quote Sam: You want to divorce me then?
Fran: Why should I want to divorce you? You're my husband.
Sam: You couldn't very well divorce me if I weren't.
View Quote Sam: You've lived abroad. What's it like?
Edith: That depends on what one's after, as you would say.
Sam: When a man has no more job and his wife wants a fling there are worse things than travel. It wouldn't do for me though. No, not long, it wouldn't. For a steady thing, give me America. For Americans, that is.
Edith: Drifting isn't nearly so pleasant as it looks.
Sam: Why don't you give it up?
Edith: One drifts for lack of a reason to do anything else.
Sam: Well, what do you want?
Edith: What do you suppose any lone woman wants?
View Quote Did I remember to tell you today that I adore you?
View Quote I'm out to make a new life for myself. I'm out to learn how to enjoy my leisure, now I've retired. I've been doing things people expected of me always. I want to feel free. I want to sit under a linden tree with nothing more important to worry about than the temperature of the beer, if there is anything more important.
View Quote I'm out to see the world I haven't seen and get a perspective on the USA. I might get to know myself at the same time. I might even get to know my wife.