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The Devil's Own

The Devil's Own quotes

12 total quotes

Rory Devaney
Tom O'Meara

Annie O'Meara: Rory, are you married?
Rory: No.
Annie O'Meara: You marry me?
Rory: [laughs] I'll have to ask your dad first.

Edwin Diaz: When are you gonna let me drive?
Tom O'Meara: I don't know, tomorrow.
Edwin Diaz: You've been saying that for three years.

Tom O'Meara: What's the money for? I was thinkin' guns. I was thinkin' IRA.
Rory: I need that money Tom!
Tom O'Meara: Why? So other eight-year-olds can watch their fathers gunned down in front of 'em? If this money leaves here, more people will die. Can you tell me that won't happen?

[Referring to the men who shot Rory's father]
Tom O'Meara: Did they catch the ****ers?
Rory: They were the ****ers.

[last lines] We never had choice... You and me.

[Looking at a dilapidated boat] Here it is: the Irish Republican Navy.

All the same, Mr. Fitzsimmoms, if you're not confused, you don't know what's goin' on.

Don't look for a happy ending. It's not an American story. It's an Irish one.

I understand why he's doin' what he's doin'. If I had to endure what he's endured--if I was eight years old and saw my father gunned down in front of my family--I'd be carryin' a gun too, and I wouldn't be wearin' a badge.

It's good to have somebody around here who can pee standing up.

They say the word peace, but at the end of the day, all they want is surrender.

You're a stupid man, Mr. Burke. You only see me standing between you and your money. You're forgetting about the thousand men standing behind me. That's a mistake.